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This is the shortened version of each lesson in the full course.  There’s enough information here that you can get a good start on building your online income.  But the comprehensive details are in the full 16-week course. We recommend you go through this course. There’s a test and certificate if you pass the test at the end.


There are 3 videos in this course which review your instructor, our own Affiliate program and tech support systems. This is beginner-level material.

Most websites are built using CMS these days. Sure there are still developers out there, but they are mostly hired for specialty development projects. The vast majority of websites are built by people who simply took the time and effort to learn how to run the CMS (like WordPress).

We don’t provide the most comprehensive WordPress training, but it’s pretty good, especially for beginners. This lesson has 11topics and the WordPress topic contains 51 training videos just for WordPress. If you’re new to WordPress you should spend some time here.  

We teach a common sense approach to SEO.  This is a topic you can find all over YouTube and with countless blog articles from so-called experts. The truth is, the whole subject is more understandable when approached from a common sense point of view. That’s what we do. This segment is continually under review because of the many Google algorithm updates which tweak the training on a regular basis. 

As the 2nd largest search engine, YouTube should not be ignored in your strategy. In fact, YouTube has proven to be a more powerful generator of traffic to websites than SEO in many cases.  See what we’re talking about here.

Gone are the days of manually coding websites in HTML.  Nonetheless, a basic understanding of HTML is essential, even when building with a CMS. This review gives you some valuable details which you can use before moving to the complete course.

If you’re going to get response from your website, you pretty much need one more more landing pages. These are specially designed to elicit a call to action, either by collecting an email address for your newsletter or possibly converting the visitor to a paying customer. This lesson gives you a primer on Landing Pages, AKA Squeeze Pages.

Some people specialize in ONLY email marketing and swear that’s the only way to go in digital marketing. We think SEO is far more profitable and productive in the long term. Nevertheless, email marketing is a critical in to everyone who is earning money through Internet resources. Here’s a review of our full course on the subject.

E-Commerce is simply the process of accepting payment through an online portal.  It takes many forms. We review those various methods in this lesson and get into the details in the 16-week course.

Whether you run a blog, a vlog, an ecommerce site or do any other form of online marketing, you’ll eventually need to create original content. This essentially means images, videos and written material.  You’ll know what is expected and how you can create professional quality content despite having no formal education in any of these disciplines.

This is an all-too-often overlooked topic, but I cannot overstate the importance of paying attention to it.  PLEASE take this review seriously and then take the FULL LESSON with all topics on security and backups. It’s one of those things that, you don’t need it until you NEED IT. At some point, EVERYONE needs it.  Sadly, if you don’t prepare in advance, you could lose YEARS of hard work and your entire livelihood if you ignore this subject.  

Your instructor has used CRMs since they were originally introduced in the 1980s.  These are now very sophisticated compared to the archaic tools originally available.  A good CRM is invaluable for any business or organization. Even individuals will find a CRM incredibly useful.  Learn about them here.

One of the beautiful aspects of today’s Internet technology is the ability to automate so many processes!  This applies especially well to marketing and sales.  If you learn the basics of automation, you’ll NEVER want to return to the old manual way of doing things. Customers expect automation in nearly everything these days.  It’s your job to provide what they want.

Even though virtually everyone says how much they hate SPAM, the truth is bulk email is essentially.  When done correctly, bulk email is NOT SPAM.  In fact, most people want and need a great deal of the email they receive, even when they say they don’t. Learn the difference between SPAM and Bulk Email in this lesson.

SMS is the most powerful advertising medium ever devised. Text messages have a 94% open rate worldwide, and well over 80% are opened within a few minutes of being sent. These facts cannot be ignored in any marketing strategy.

Learn the basic concepts behind Facebook, YouTube and other social platforms and why they’re SO essential to any marketing campaign.

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