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Our story

Our Founder, Richard Gaustad, started to build Ranking Trainer in 2017 after numerous Affiliates, colleagues, contractors and friends urged him to begin teaching what he knows so other can benefit too.

After 2  years of development, we started actively promoting Membership sales in early 2020 and continue to add new courses, lessons, income platforms and build our community.

Mission Statement

The Dual Mission of Ranking Trainer

First, is to become a widely used and popular online learning platform for people seeking financial independence by using the vast resources of the Internet. 

The second half of our mission is to provide income-producing platforms which enable our Affiliates to jump-start their efforts at earning money online immediately,  as soon as within 24 hours of joining.

Parent Company

Ranking Trainer is a division of Mr. Gaustad’s telecom services, which he started in March 2006. This International telecom service, at the time of this writing (Winter 2020) processes millions of calls daily and reaches more than 220 countries.

B2B Servivces

Voifone provides various commercial VoIP telecommunications services, including outbound & inbound wholesale VoIP, commercial bulk SMS and commercial CRM which integrates several other services.

B2C Services

B2C means “Bsiness-to-Consumer.” We provide 2 different services for consumers:  Our Membership training platform and Voifone UCS (“Unified Communication System”). Voifone UCS is very similar to WhatsApp, except it has more VoIP features and also pays its users for sharing the app with others who also use it. Incomes can be significant. (See disclaimer in footer below.)

Online Income Platforms

Ranking Trainer is unique because we have integrated training with our Affiliate program so users not only learn to build their OWN income-producing websites, but they can also sell Ranking Trainer memberships and all Voifone services because all Members are also registered as Affiliates.  Our Affiliate program is capable of providing incomes ranging from part time to professional level incomes.  (See disclaimer in footer.)

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe Everyone should build an online income

We train our Members to be financially self-sufficient with WordPress and SEO training, YouTube marketing, mobile marketing and our own proprietary Affiliate and Voifone UCS income platforms.

Regardless of age, education, economic status, religion or country of origin, we help our members achieve their financial dreams and goals.

The History Lesson That Inspired Ranking Trainer

The Original HDI Promo Video and Front Page Exoneration Article

Handicapped Distributors, Inc. (HDI) was started by our founder, Richard Gaustad in the last 1980’s.  It was eventually subjected to wrongful prosecution in 1991.  But the silver lining was that the company’s investors sued the government and the end result was the case was dropped and a front page article in the hometown newspaper of where Mr. Gaustad lived at the time, disclosed that the government never had a case in the first place.  The HDI investors instructed him to re-start the business which he did. The newly restarted company eventually grew to nearly double the original $18M annual revenue to about $30M. The original promo video for this company, plus the front page newspaper article exonerating Mr. Gaustad and the company are  presented below.  This is a great example of the classic story Three Feet From Gold” (a 3-minute read – well worth it) as told in the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill. The videos and article below provide insight about Mr. Gaustad’s lengthy business history and the tenacity required to build any business, even YOUR business.

Lessons learned in 1991 apply today


Original VHS Promo Tape for HDI 1991

Front Page, Mesa Tribune, February 14, 1994

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