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Even if you’re just attempting to make a little extra money on the side, you need to pay attention to legal aspects of your business activities.  Depending on how much and what you do, there may be no impact at all. Then again, there’s a very real chance that, if you put in the time and effort, you’ll experience very real success. In that case, you need to have your business structure in place BEFORE the success happens to avoid potential problems or legal issues.  The lessons here have been learned from decades of my personal “striving, surviving and thriving” in the business world.   


I cannot cover all countries because I’m only familiar with USA laws and procedures.  But most countries follow similar concepts and principles. It’ll be up to you to determine exactly what is required and “best practice” in your own country.  The use of a qualified attorney may be needed, depending on your experience.

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There are good, legitimate, legal and viable methods to raise money for your business.  I have used EVERYTHING I teach about here, so I know they work.  My efforts here have resulted in tens of millions of dollars in capital and revenue for my companies during the course of my career.  “Nobody” teaches this stuff, yet it’s SO important for entrepreneurs.

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Once again, I don’t see ANY of the so-called guru’s teaching vital topics like this.  Yet, this is the type of knowledge that often makes the difference between success and failure in business, whether it’s an online business or not.

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Governments can and do shut down companies, often for seemingly ridiculous reasons.  They can and do ruin lives.  Don’t be a victim of government over-reach of power.  Make sure you know what you MUST do to stay on the right side of the law.

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Sadly, in almost all cases, well-meaning friends, neighbors and family members often say the most discouraging things when they learn you’re working on becoming financially independent.  They’ll tell you it’ll never work and give you all kinds of reasons to give up.  DON’T.  I faced this for decades and build 3 companies, each of which did 8 figures a years in business and employed between 130 and 435 employees.  Learn from my experience.

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