Ranking Trainer Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Like our services?  Get paid for sharing them online!  We think of our Affiliate Program is the best there is. The whole purpose of Ranking Trainer is to teach our Members to become financially independent, self-reliant and replace their current income with a recurring passive income within a couple of years. Join us in finding more and more people and business owners who want and need financial freedom. Make a difference by helping business owners increase their profits, lifting countless people out of poverty, enabling still others to change careers and helping people reach their financial goals worldwide!


How Much is the Commission?  Simple.  25% What Does Commission Value (“CV”) Mean?  It’s the amount against which your commissions are calculated. You earn a 25% commission whenever somebody follows your link and buys one of our services. But some services, like loading funds onto a Voifone account, only have a margin of about 20% or less. Obviously, we cannot pay a 25% commission when the Company makes less than the commission!  So, we assign a Commission Value (“CV”) to every service we sell.  It’s expressed as a percent of the selling price.  For instance, Voifone payments earn the Company only 10% to 25% due to the low-cost nature of this service.  The bulk of each payment (80% to 85%) is transferred to Voifone’s underlying telecom carriers. This means the CV is 15%.  The 15% CV is the percent of the payment against which your 25% commission is calculated. Ranking Trainer Membership, on the other hand, has a 100% CV which means you receive a full 25% of the membership price when one of your visitors joins.

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