Important Preparation Instructions

ADVANCE SCHEDULING:  All private consultations must be scheduled a minimum of one business day and not more than 7 days in advance. We suggest you schedule a minimum of 2 business days in advance to ensure you the form below and your payment are submitted a minimum of one business day before your meeting.  Use the booking system on the homepage our website to schedule your meeting.

ONLINE MEETING:  All private consultations are held as video calls. You will receive a link which brings you into a private video call meeting. If you wish to be seen by Mr. Gaustad, you’ll need to have a webcam on your computer or use a tablet or smartphone.  Online meetings are the most convenient for all parties and the most useful because file and screen sharing is possible.  
WRITTEN REPORT:  You will receive a written report and/or analysis of your meeting within 3 business days of your meeting.  Weekends and legal holidays are excluded.
CONSULTATION FEES APPLIED TO OTHER SERVICES:  If you purchase any of our courses or custom website development services, your consulting fee will be deducted from those fees. To have your consulting fee deducted, you’ll need to pay for the additional services within 1 calendar week of your meeting and will be invoiced separately via PayPal invoice to get your special pricing.
ADVANCE PAYMENT REQUIRED:  After you schedule your Private Consultation with the booking system on our homepage, you’ll receive at least two emails:  First, is an automated email confirming your appointment and second will be a PayPal invoice which must be paid a minimum of 1 business day. Your invoice will usually arrive several hours up but not more than 24 hours after your confirmation email.
Complete This Form 24 Before Meeting

Complete This Form At Least 24 Hours Before Meeting


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