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16-Weeks Beginner to Advanced


Maximize Traffic/Earnings

Completely organic system. Never buy ads. Your work lasts YEARS not months. Best way to build PASSIVE income.

Best SEO for Traffic & Income

Guru's & info are rampant all over the Internet. But very few know what we teach. Rise above the crowed with us!
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No Google Update Issues

Most "gurus" teach methods that cost you time and money. When Google changes, YOU change. NOT WITH US!

Do-It-Right White-Hat SEO

Do it right and never suffer the effects of Google Updates. Do it wrong and suffer. We know the right way. Join us now!
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Easy to Learn Not Technical

You may think SEO & traffic generation is technical and hard to learn. Not so! We teach "Common Sense SEO".

Not Tecnical? No Problem!

Today's SEO is more about knowing what and how to analyze, organize and structure your site.
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Hockey Stick Growth Curve

We have a formula. It works. Follow it and you'll see traffic, leads and sales on a massive upswing with minimum effort.

Best Time to Start is Now!

Certain things should be done in the 1st 2 weeks of training to maximize early success. Click below to get those tools!
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Weekly Lessons

Each lesson is taught in a specific order to ensure the student has prerequisite information before moving to the next subject.
Lessons are presented in a specific order on purpose. Each lesson builds on pre-requisites from previous lessons. This course is designed for beginners but is appropriate for all skill sets. It takes time to gain these skills, but not nearly as much time as a 4-year college degree! Take a closer look at the courses by clicking this button.
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The Cost of Internet-Based Income

Our course is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You learn real-wold principles practiced by your instructor who has a decades-long career as an entrepreneur making a living from technology.
Learning the material we teach requires your personal time, effort and monetary investment. Additional expenses beyond the cost of our course are required to run an online business, but generally they are not nearly as much as a traditional business. Most people can build an online income with expenses under $100/month. But everyone has a different experience.
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Intro Course

This lesson provides helpful tips depending on where you are on the journey to meet YOUR goals and reason for taking this course.  Everyone is at a different stage of knowledge and skill when they start.  Therefore, what to do FIRST really depends on where you’re at NOW.  So, this lesson is a discussion and evaluation of your current skill and knowledge level – and “NONE” is a perfectly acceptable (and in fact MOST common) answer.  But for those with some skill, experience and knowledge, there are some courses and lessons you may not need or want.  You’ll better know which courses and lessons are appropriate for you after taking this lesson.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simple and complex at the same time.  If you understand its core elements, understanding it becomes MUCH easier.  This lesson shows you those core elements which is why you MUST take this lesson before taking our SEO courses. I would have saved myself YEARS of time if I had this lesson before I started learning how to make money online.

Although SEO has many moving parts and can be daunting at first, there’s a very core element you need to master before getting too much into your training.  It’s described by two simple words.  Learn what they are and how to apply them in this lesson.

A full 81% of all brands represented online are attached to an Affiliate program.  Ergo, Affiliate programs are one of the PRIMARY methods of monetizing websites and making money for YOU.  This is your primer on Affiliate programs.

By the time you’re done with this lesson, you’ll understand the basics of Marketing Automation.  It’s one of those buzz words that’s thrown around but which many people have no idea what it really means.  This is a vital primer lesson.

Long-term income from your online activities is the goal of most people, whether you’re just trying to build and promote your own website for an existing or new business, or whether you’re simply trying to build a side-hustle that can morph into a full-time professional income.  For long term success, you MUST expect it will take some time; like most of a your first year before you start seeing any results.

BUT, if you need income RIGHT NOW . . . we do provide a very specific path for you to earn money as soon as the first DAY and actually receive your money within a week or less.  If you’re in that camp that needs IMMEDIATE income, pay close attention to this lesson!

Choosing a Profitable Niche

The Internet is so vast that the opportunities to earn money using resources you’ll find here are almost limitless.  However there are some guidelines.  This lesson gives you options regarding choosing betweeen e-commerce, blogging, Affiliate income, platforms, being a developer (yes you can do this WITHOUT being an engineer!),  and more.  A “Niche” refers to the category or sub-category you choose regardless of your function (blogger, e-commerce, Affiliate, developer, etc.).

Query Analysis

Find out why I believe the term “Keyword Research” is  out of date.  I’ve got a much better system that the traditional research STILL used by the majority of “gurus” out there.

Your category of business is a personal choice.  There are some very important considerations you must take into account since this forms the basis and foundation for your financial future.

I have said many times that promoting a website with SEO is more about art than science.  This lesson focuses on how to come up with the ideas you need to bring visitors to your site.

Creating a list of articles to write on your site is vital to launching your site and building monthly page views.  We call this a Punch List.  Equally important is writing the titles for those articles. This lesson deals with those topics

Analysis is not a one-and-done thing.  It’s a constant and continual process. So, you need to do your analysis with your future in mind. Learn how to do that here.

Ranking Trainer Intro

This is the “Reader’s Digest” version of the full Ranking Trainer course.  By the time you reach this course, you will have already gone through the above material and have a very good idea where you’re going and what you’ll be doing.  This course gives you a good review and sets you up for the full training course which is designed to last 16 weeks.  This one is available the moment you register.   You should go through ALL these lessons before staring the FULL RT 360 Course.  Here’s a list of the lessons you’ll get when you register:

  1. Intro to Internet Income
  2. CMS, Hosting and FTP
  3. WordPress and Plugin Basics
  4. Common Sense SEO
  5. HTML Boot Camp
  6. Landing Pages and Forms
  7. Email Lists & Database Management
  8. E-Commerce:  Getting Paid
  9. How to Create Original Content
  10. PC, Mobile & Web Security and Backups
  11. The Role of CRM in Modern Marketing
  12. Email Marketing & Automation
  13. Effective Bulk Email Strategy
  14. Effective SMS Strategies
  15. SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  16. Mobile Marketing

Ranking Trainer Complete

After this lesson you will know  the following:

  1. How these proprietary lessons will empower you to earn money using online resources in nearly any industry, and
  2. How to post a simple landing page and/or squeeze page begin building your marketing list and begin promoting your website. You will also learn how to instantly generate income as an Affiliate of Ranking Trainer.
  3. The following items are reviewed and explained in this lesson:
  • Introduction to Modular Marketing
  • Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
  • Overviews of the following
    • CMS (Content Management Systems)
    • Marketing automation
    • Bulk Email
    • Voifone Bulk SMS
    • Click-to-Call
    • Voifone Communicator
    • Module integrations
    • Affiliate marketing

Although there are many very good CMS programs out there, WordPress is by far the most widely used and popular.  Various settings in WordPress will optimize your content marketing efforts and must be followed.  This lesson shows numerous specific settings you should follow to ensure visitors have the best experience possible on your site.

Content Marketing and SEO depend on producing the best resource possible for those who are searching. This lesson teaches best writing practices to attract the most traffic from content you publish. You will learn our post formula that wins the highest results time after time.  Following this formula will help to ensure you achieve the best and most profitable results from your hard work. 

Forget everything you think you know about SEO.  We teach a different and fresh approach to this subject; one the works and one which will not make you the victim of the infamous Google Algorithm Updates. SEO or Search Engine Optimization forms the base of getting found on the Internet.  Most people think it’s a mysterious thing.  In fact, it’s not.  The concept is pretty simple.  Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines have a vested interest in making sure when people search for something, they find RELEVANT results.  So, all the “optimization” activity is geared largely toward achieving this goal.  At the same time, Google and other engines search your site for information to check it and ensure certain protocols are completed correctly.  By doing the right “things” onsite (and offsite) you’ll wind up on the first page, near the top of the natural search results.  You MUST be on the Google first page for your keywords or you won’t get enough response to matter.  SEO is a VERY COMPETITIVE activity.  It’s something that must be done continually to stay at the top position where you likely wish to remain.  SEO takes time.  Do NOT expect overnight results.  It typically takes about 6 to 9 months of steady work to rank high enough to make a difference.  So be patient and do not give up too soon!  Traffic is out there; give it a chance to find you!

Many people want to make money online but have no idea exactly what to do, how it works or what industry or business they’ll use to make that income.  This lesson deals with this issue and shows you how to select the right business, industry and method of making an online income for YOU.  

Although there are many very good CMS programs out there, WordPress is by far the most widely used and popular.  It started as just a blogging platform but quickly grew into the world’s most widely used tool for creating, editing and publishing websites.  Although it may seem a bit intimidating to the novice, it’s a robust platform and will allow you to publish gorgeous websites capable of almost anything you can imagine.  This introduction to WordPress will take the mystery out of using the most common CMS on the planet.  You will “learn how to learn” everything there is to know about WordPress.  (NOTE:  This is NOT a comprehensive tutorial about “how to use WordPress”.  It provides the basic concepts and techniques and provides ample links to very detailed “how-to” video tutorials and other online materials.

Most courses and most SEO agencies and experts still refer to the process of deciding your SEO content and the best words which will attract visitors to your website as “Keyword Research.”  We call it Query Analysis, which is our OWN term, an industry standard term. It reflects what we believe is a more accurate description of the process required to win the most traffic from all the hard work you invest into your content marketing efforts.  Become a Content Ninja with the skills in this lesson and dominate your competitors for traffic.

Every business must meet certain legal requirements, whether it’s an online business, a brick-and-company or any other type of business.  This lesson provides the specific legal requirements that’ll help keep you safe in the online world, some of which are absolute requirements and others which are best-practices for internet marketing.

A Back Link is a hyperlink on another site that points to a page, post or specific element on your website.  Google’s algorithm has always viewed robust and high quality back links as a critical indicator as to the authority and usefulness of a website. Hence, Back Link creation and management are one of the most important  aspects of getting found with Search Engine Optimization. Our techniques are unique to say the least and more effective than most.  Best of all, you will NOT waste your valuable time pursuing ineffective methods taught by most courses.

EVERYONE taking this course wants to make money online. This lesson examines the primary methods of earning money and best practices to achieve the results you want, including how to earn money from ads, affiliate programs, products and info products (e-commerce) and resource pages.

Google examines a couple of hundred different metrics to determine the rank of a website in every search.  Among these analytics are embedded various tactics that will determine what THEY believe to be the Expertise, Authority and Trust (the “EAT” acronym) generated by the author(s) of the website. This is a very critical aspect of of your overall SEO strategy.  We provide you some of the best practices for building your EAT to maximize traffic to your articles and your website as a whole.  

As the 2nd largest search engine on the Internet, YouTube must not be ignored.  Do not worry if you think you have “. . .a face perfect for radio. . .”.  Most people are initially very shy about showing themselves on camera. And, if you absolutely DO NOT want to create videos, don’t worry, you can STILL have great success with SEO and content marketing.  But whatever success you achieve, can likely be increased by multiples when you add YouTube to your marketing strategy. 

Nothing is as ubiquitous as email marketing. Sadly, too much of it is SPAM.  SPAM is illegal, won’t be tolerated within our system and by our students, and is completely INEFFECTIVE.  If you want to lose money, reputation and waste a ton of time . . . do some spamming (and you won’t be in the online community very long). But, if done properly you can get ENORMOUS results from bulk email.  If done wrong, it’ll KILL your business because your domain, your website and the email addresses based on your domain will be BLACKLISTED.  This is the kiss of death for any kind of online presence or marketing. Just who DOES this blacklisting?  Google, for one.  And if you’re blacklisted by Google, and don’t get that fixed . . . you’re “done”.  Or at least your domain is DONE.  Once you’re blacklisted you can correct the problem if it’s not too serious.  But if you have been blatantly spamming . . . you’re pretty much FINISHED with anything related to the domain you spent so much time, effort and money on.  Pay attention to this lesson.  It’s important.  Besides, “effective” bulk email is REALLY effective and REALLY profitable!  You “NEED” a good email campaign to enhance your efforts.

Google uses “snippets” as “a description of or an excerpt from the webpage”.  When you do a search, you will notice that usually, when your search involves a simple question, the first thing you often see is a quick answer right at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).  This is the all-important Snippet. There are tactics you can use to maximize your chance to “win” that snippet position and increase traffic to your posts and/or pages.  Those tactics are in this lesson.

SMM is a close cousin to SEO and means “Social Media Marketing”.  In fact, SMM generally allows you to get results much faster than SEO.  So, does this mean you should focus only on SMM and not SEO to start?  NO!  Do both.  You’ll need both.  While Google dominates the world of SEO, the combo of YouTube and Facebook dominate for SMM.  But did you know that YouTube is giving Facebook and Google Search some serious competition?  It’s true, even though YouTube is owned by Google, it still competes for revenue.  YouTube actually ranks second now for Internet searches.  So, you really MUST have a presence in multiple social sites to be noticed and get the response rate you want.  SMM works.  Period.

After you have 20 to 30 articles on your website, it’s time to begin promoting it to gain more traffic, more quickly.  But traffic all by itself does not necessarily mean income.  All the many elements taught in Ranking Trainer Complete will have an impact. This lesson shows you some of the best methods to speed up the growth curve of visitors coming to your website.

Video Marketing with YouTube

YouTube can be a complete business in itself.  BUT, it’s more commonly used to drive traffic to your website.  It’s the BIGGEST driver of RELEVANT, CONVERTING, PROFITABLE traffic to websites.  Here, I explain why.

No, I didn’t reverse-engineer YouTube.  But I “do” know how to satisfy their algorithm (software) to ensure you get FOUND on YouTube and get views to your video.  That’s what this lesson is all about.

I recommend RACING to your first 1,000 subscribers.  Why?  You’ll know why when you take finish this lesson and you’ll have the knowledge required to do it.

If your content sucks, so will your Channel. It won’t produce for you.  I’ll give you some very important guidelines to ensure your content is rich and high quality.  YouTube will “know” the difference. I’ll tell you HOW they know that in this lesson.

There’s a very specific formula you’ll need to use if you want organic traffic coming your way from YouTube.  The good news:  It’s FASTER than gaining SEO traffic from Google searches – but BOTH are neecessary for you to maximize your earnings.

There are many great tools to build high quality, professional looking videos these days.  I’ll show you what “I” use, and what others use.  Most of them are so good, you can’t really go wrong no matter what brand of software or platform (iOS or PC) you use.

General Business Issues

I cannot cover all countries because I’m only familiar with USA laws and procedures.  But most countries follow similar concepts and principles. It’ll be up to you to determine exactly what is required and “best practice” in your own country.  The use of a qualified attorney may be needed, depending on your experience.

There are good, legitimate, legal and viable methods to raise money for your business.  I have used EVERYTHING I teach about here, so I know they work.  My efforts here have resulted in tens of millions of dollars in capital and revenue for my companies during the course of my career.  “Nobody” teaches this stuff, yet it’s SO important for entrepreneurs.

Once again, I don’t see ANY of the so-called guru’s teaching vital topics like this.  Yet, this is the type of knowledge that often makes the difference between success and failure in business, whether it’s an online business or not.

Governments can and do shut down companies, often for seemingly ridiculous reasons.  They can and do ruin lives.  Don’t be a victim of government over-reach of power.  Make sure you know what you MUST do to stay on the right side of the law.

Accordion Content

Sadly, in almost all cases, well-meaning friends, neighbors and family members often say the most discouraging things when they learn you’re working on becoming financially independent.  They’ll tell you it’ll never work and give you all kinds of reasons to give up.  DON’T.  I faced this for decades and build 3 companies, each of which did 8 figures a years in business and employed between 130 and 435 employees.  Learn from my experience.

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