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Membership Has Its Rewards . . .

2-YEAR FEE WAIVER!  Join Ranking Trainer as a Member during our Crowdfunding Promotion and we’ll waive all monthly fees for your first TWO YEARS!

Crowdfunding, Voifone and YOU

Long-Term Benefits for Ranking Trainer Members


Crowdfunding is the process of raising money for a project by accepting payments from a large crowd of people - typically the future users of a product - instead of relying on just one or a few large investors for development capital to bring the product to market.

Voifone is already about 80% developed from our own capital. We are completing development with this crowdfunding effort which provides significant benefits to all early Ranking Trainer Members.

Voifone is a messaging and video calling app developed by Voifone Carrier, the parent company of Ranking Trainer. It provides features similar to Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and others but with two major differences.

First, Voifone is built with PBX (Private Branched Exchange) - which is standard business phone service - at its core.

Second, Voifone is the only product of its kind that pays its users for sharing the application the same way all other video call and meeting collaboration tools are shared. Voifone is currently the only platform built to share its profits with its users.

Member Rewards

How YOU Can Benefit From Crowdfunding
In keeping with our philosophy of paying those who share our products through Leveraged Word of Mouth Marketing rather than paying the digital giants for advertising, you'll get extra compensation in the form of waived Membership fees and being the first to use and share Voifone with the world!

Being first in line provides a significant income advantage in the Ranking Trainer Affiliate Program.

Crowdfunding Member Benefits and Terms

It's automatic. If you paid for any membership, you're already participating!  

YES - "sort of".  If you are an Affiliate who has not purchased a Membership, no fees can be waived because you don't pay any.  BUT . . . this Crowdfunding project provides a major incentive for EVERYONE who wants to increase their Affiliate income by growing their genealogy base.  So, YES, you can and should benefit by educating prospective Members about the benefits of joining early.  Remember, this promotion EXPRIES on its own terms (see below).  So it's only available for a limited time.

Think of it as a race. The company is raising funds to complete development of Voifone UCS by selling Ranking Trainer Memberships. To do so, there are two elements to consider:  Time and Money. In other words, a certain amount of revenue MUST be raised within a specific time frame for the effort to produce the desired result (i.e. sufficient excess cash to pay for project completion).  Therefore TIME is a major factor and thus, the "race" element.  If it takes too long to aquire the new Memberships, insufficient cash is available. EXAMPLE:  Obviously, there's far LESS money for development if we get 2,000 new Members during a 3 or 4 year period as opposed to 2,000 new Members over a 15 day period.  Benefits will be provided to ALL paid Members who join between June 22, 2021 (the start date for this promotion) and the date on which the company declares the promotion has ended.  For Crowdfunding to work, we must gain a minimum of 2,000 new members within a 60-day time frame OR LESS.

We need 2,000 new paid Members within any 60 consecutive day period OR LESS while this Crowdfunding promotion remains active.

This is primarily a function of the date on which this Crowdfunding promotion is closed and declared successful.  Once the company declares this promotion completed (i.e. 2,000 new members within 60 days or less), engineers will be tasked with completion.  They report it will require 2 to 6 months for completion and launch AFTER they begin the completion phase of their work.

FEE WAIVER:  Those who buy the Fundamentals Membership and the Annual Membership are also required to pay $5/month.  This fee will be waived for the first TWO years instead of the one-year waiver provided in the current Membership sale.

AFFILIATE EARNINGS PROMOTION: For those Members who refer new Members, this Crowdfunding Promotion, together with the Sale Prices on Memberships, provides an additional incentive for people to join.  This incentive provides a method to increase sales and therefore increase earnings for each Affiliate/Member.

Yes. If Affiliates and/or Affiliate/Members do not produce the required result of a minimum 2,000 new Members within any consecutive 60-day period or less during the promotion, the company will not have sufficient funds to complete the Voifone UCS project and this Crowdfunding effort will be cancelled.  We are prepared to continue working on this promotion for months but we express no commitment as to how long or short the promotion will last or even whether it will be completed.  Completion is entirely up to the results obtained by Affiliates.  

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