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Hey, I'm Richard Gaustad. I am a Digital Marketing Strategist.

Understanding the basics of digital marketing is at the heart of learning how to do it right. Our LFM™ system provides the tools you need to start earning with your existing skills and build from there.

In Your First FREE Lessons, you will learn how to -

Leveraged Freemium Marketing (LFM™) Enables Fast Results in the Digital World

Earning money from digital marketing doesn't have to be complex, time-consuming or hard to learn. Most people already know a skillset that can be monetized, the they don't realize it. We fill in the gaps. As an Affiliate, you will learn . . .

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From the Crossroads of the West, near Salt Lake City, Utah (pictured in this video thumbnail), our Founder walks you through the member area for Students and Affiliates and see for yourself the value we provide!


Learn the benefits of Ranking Trainer Digital Marketing courses. Follow the Course Details button to learn more about the content of our courses. Or, if you're ready to get started, go ahead and follow the Register Now button to get started right away!

What People Say About Our Platform

There are many choices when it comes to learning how to make money online.  Most don’t provide a platform to enable quick earnings. We do. 

Bruce W.

Mortgage Broker

". . .love your system, what a beast! I went from just a handful of deals a month to finding great leads whenever I want. It works for me every time, and your staff has been great to work with!"


"As an immigrant from the Philippines, I brought 5 of my children to the USA to live with my new husband. I didn't know how I could help with the finances until I started here. I made $12,624.50 in my first 5 weeks in the business! I couldn't be happier. This is definitely the real deal."

Melanie K.


Keith H.


"This system is incredible! I use it in both my carpet cleaning and my real estate business. I never fail to get carpet cleaning jobs whenever they're needed and I'm on my way to setting a record for new real estate listings!"

Instant Access to Affiliate Training

FREE TRANING is included when you register as an Affiliate.  We want to make sure ALL our Affiliates have the knowledge and skill set required to begin building a digital income right away.  Here are just 4 of the many tutorials you’ll get the moment you sign up.


Lesson One

Digital Marketing on a Cell Phone Yes you CAN do digital marketing from ONLY a cell phone and earn a great income from it. Our Affiliate program with LFM&trad; makes it possible.


Lesson Two

How Leveraged Freemium Marketing Works Our proprietary LFM™ is powerful and unique. Earn money while providing valuable free services like large companies do.


Lesson Three

Enhance Marketing with Browsers. If you meet with others and all use the same compjuter under our LFM™, you need to understand browser functions.


Lesson Four

Course and Affiliate Dashboards. This is a walk-through showing now to use our Affiliate system. It includes Course and Lesson Navigation for those who buy our courses.

Register for a Digital Marketing Course

Students who learn digital marketing on average, earn more as an Affilaite than those who don’t.  If you sign up for one of our courses, you’re automatically registered as an Affilaite too!  Enhance your Affiliate activites with one of our affordable courses by clicking this button.


Earn As Our Affiliate - It's FREE!

We never charge those who just want to start earning money by referring students to us.  Become an Affiliate and learn all about our proprietary Leveraged Freemium Marketing (LMS).  Some of our top earning Affiliates never took a single course or paid us any money, but they worked hard and earned money.  You can too!

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