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Keyword Research is the industry standard term for deciding what words to target on your pages and posts.  But a “key word” pretty much went by the wayside back in the 1990’s.  When’s the last time YOU did a Google, Bing or Yahoo search using a single word? Yup. That’s what I thought. It’s all about phrases.  And rather than simply research which phrases to target, we teach you how to do a thorough evaluation which includes not  just fining the “right” phrases, but also evaluating the competition, judging the amount of traffic you can get and so forth.


In this lesson you’ll get a good idea of what the entire process is about and how the different pieces of the puzzle fit together.  You won’t have all the detail, but you’ll know the essence of how the process works.

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You have a website. You have a concept. Now it’s time to drill down and decide some of the detail of the exact purpose of your website, who your customers, readers, subscribers are and how to build your brand awareness.

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There are so many tools out there that purport to give you the best “keywords.”  Of course, they’re called “Keyword Research Tools.”  This is software designed to do the “heavy lifting” of research and analysis. I learned what I know by studying more than a dozen different online learning resources AND doing massive amounts of my own work.  My conclusion is that some tools work some of the time. But you’re more likely to get the best results from your own evaluation from your own phrase ideas.  The bottom line is that common sense usually wins the day.

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You MUST have an organized plan.  The old saying is that “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This is so true when it comes to keyphrase analysis.  Make no mistake, it does take a lot of work to do your initial work.  And, the work will NEVER be completely “done”. So it’s essential that you have a plan and work the plan. I’ll show you how to organize your work and track it on a simple Excel or Google Sheets document.

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Correct expectations help you tremendously to avoid discouragement and to complete your work to a point where the ROI is worth it.  And believe me, when done right, there aren’t many activities you can perform that’ll give you more Return on Investment than good keyphrase evaluation. When don right, your work can pay dividends for many years!

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Here I walk through the process of using the same spreadsheet I use for keyphrase evaluation and decide which to use and which to reject.  One of the hardest lessons SEOs, Webmasters and Do-It-Yourselfers (perhaps that’s  you?) have to learn is to find and use phrases that people are ACTUALLY using to find things they want.  You cannot just write about and create pages that YOU wish to talk about or that YOU think are important.  If you want traffic that converts into cash flow, you MUST use the same phrases your audience is using. This spreadsheet helps you stay on track.


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