See What Leveraged Word of Mouth Marketing Can Do For You

So, exactly what "IS" Leveraged Word of Mouth Marketing (LWOMM)?

Leveraged Word-of-Mouth Marketing (LWOMM) happens when there’s a mechanism and/or incentive which amplifies a person’s organic word-of-mouth by encouraging the repetition of the same message by those who hear it.  Organic (i.e. “natural”) word-of-mouth-marketing happens when a customer likes a product or service and tells family, friends and others about it. By contact-tracing from the original source of a message through those delivering the same message to others, we “leverage” the word-of-mouth effort and compensate those who perpetuate and pass on the message. Here are some of the reasons Leveraged Word-of-Mouth Marketing is the most potent form of marketing ever devised:

  • It’s free for the business or entrepreneur. 
  • According to Nielsen, 92% of people believe what their family and friends tell them more than advertising.
  • It can produce results quickly.
  • There are no restrictions on its use nor regulations to follow.
  • It can be applied to any business or industry.
  • It is by far the fastest, lowest-cost and easiest method for individuals, micro-businesses or SMBs to launch into revenue.

This page will show you how to use Leveraged Word-of-Mouth-Marketing to produce income quickly and leverage it to produce long-term, semi-passive income large enough to meet nearly any goal.

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