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Ranking Trainer and Voifone Communicator (Beta)

Blasting off June 1, 2018

Pre-Launch Membership Sale. Ends at Blast Off!


Save big by joining us just before the official launch day! We’re here to provide the best communications and Internet marketing tools and training available anywhere.  It’s our mission to help as many people as possible become self-sufficient with their own online OR offline business.  The Internet is the great equalizer.  We’ll show you how to compete with the biggest companies and WIN! Save big by reserving your spot now, before the June 10 cut-off.This article is being published as we are in the final phases of testing all systems that make Ranking Trainer functional and doing the final edits to course material and learning tools.  These two products fit together like a hand in a glove. Ranking Trainer:  The Ranking Trainer membership was initially conceived as a training resource for our Affiliates to sell Voifone Communicator.  But the level of interest was so intense, we decided to make this specialized training into a stand-alone product that could benefit everyone, even if they’re not our registered Affiliates. The premise behind Ranking Trainer is to provide a learning system for people who are beginners with Internet Technology and provide the skill-set, the tools and the knowledge required to make money online.  Ranking Trainer does not teach people to become an employee of a large corporation. Our purpose is to train people to become SELF-sufficient.  This means SELF-employed.  As a Ranking Trainer Member, you’ll start earning from the very first day by promoting the services and products in our online store. By doing so, you also learn how to do everything required to build your OWN online enterprise selling anything you want!  After Members progress far enough through our training system, they’re ready to create and publish their own websites, set up their own e-commerce, engage in aggressive Internet Marketing and conduct marketing automation.  In short, Ranking Trainer Members become Internet Entrepreneurs.Voifone Communicator (Beta):  We’re opening up with the Beta version of Voifone Communicator.  Voifone is designed to beat our biggest competitors where it counts the most:  Their revenue source.  Lots of people don’t realize that many very large companies like Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat and many others are REALLY telecoms. They earn most of their revenue by selling per-minute telecom services.  I discovered long ago that, because they give away valuable services such as video calls, IM and file transfer services, MANY people have no idea what these companies SELL to earn money!  They SELL International long distance service to build an audience to whom they can promote their International long distance telecom service. Our parent company is a wholesale VoIP termination carrier.  That means it provides telecom service to large call centers, corporate and government entities worldwide.  With this kind of background, we know exactly what to do to BEAT the per-minute pricing of our biggest competitors.  And that’s exactly what we’ve done!  Overall, our prices are far less than ALL of our large competitors.  What’s even better, is you can now install Voifone Beta for Android and iPhone and once installed, you can make FREE calls worldwide to other Voifone users by just dialing their phone number!  Voifone Communicator is still a “beta” stage product, so there are a number of features that remain to be deployed. But a group of testers has been using it every day for months so we know it’s ready for beta deployment. We expect the Beta version to remain in place through the summer of 2018 after which we’ll announce the full release of the completed application.

The best time to start is NOW!

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