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4-Step Quick Income Tutorial  

The first Income Platform we built was our Affiliate app.  Here’s a video tutorial with step-by-step directions showing you exactly how to start receiving income in as little as one day.

You will learn some of the unique and proprietary aspects of our Affiliate program which is one of the highest paying Affiliate systems on the Internet.  Even better, we pay every week instead of a month or two after your sale like most Affiliate programs.

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(Reg. $379)

We Need Beta Testers for Voifone!

Our newest income platform is coming!

Voifone is a unique and easy-to-use Instant Messenger for Android & iOS which provides active users a source of recurring income with no upper limit. It compares to all the major IM’s but includes features they don’t have. Click the Voifone image to see feature list.

We need thousands of beta testers ready to use the app when it launches. THIS is why we are currently offering $50 OFF!

Our training is the best you’ll find anywhere at any price. And, we stay up with the most current trends. Therefore, it’s important for all Members to remain active and update your knowledge each time we update our courses and lessons. 

Simple Affiliate Income model

EASIEST. INCOME. EVER.  Just post our ad banners with your Affiliate link and let the income begin!

Post banners on social media and email them to the people you already know.  There’s no need to pressure your contacts to buy anything because you can make money even if they just do a free registration!

We have a proprietary leveraging system hat no other Affiliate program can match.  It builds a recurring income for you automatically based on a genealogy of referrals starting with those who sign up from your Affiliate link. 

Our user reviews

From the first contact of a simple chat message, Voifone has been extremely responsive. They are very consistent with their communication in letting clients know what is going on with billing, system outages and new features. The price is great, the service is exemplary, and you feel as if you have someone in your corner all the time. I would highly recommend Voifone to anyone operating a similar outfit like us.
James Erickson
IT Manager, Vitality Medical
As an immigrant from the Philippines, I brought 5 of my children to the USA to live with my new husband. I didn't know how I could help with the finances until I started here. I made $12,624.50 in my first 5 weeks in the business! I couldn't be happier. This is definitely the real deal.
Melanie Kightlinger
International Entrepreneur (Philippines)
You have been a fantastic person to work with and I think good business relations are built with trust and excellence in service. One of the most remarkable qualities exhibited by your company is your outstanding customer support. It encourages me to recommend you to my business connections.
Shiv Tivari
CTO at Dreamstel

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Affiliate Forum

$29 Community Forum 
Affiliate Registration included.

If you cannot yet afford the membership this is a perfect place to start! Only $29 + $5/month gives you access to our entire community of Affiliates with exclusive content and learning materials to get you started earning money immediately.  “We set this up so you can “earn while you learn” about digital marketing.  The Forum gives you direct access to our Founder & officers. 

Annual Membership

$149 (Reg. $199)
Plus $8/month plus Annual Renewals at $199

The Annual Membership provides access to everything in our training system.  We designed our system to take a beginner into the advanced stages of digital marketing and web development in less than a year.  Imagine that … get a 6-figure skill set in record time! Just enter coupon code 50-OFF at checkout.

Lifetime Membership

Only $299 (Reg $379)
Plus $8/month with NO annual renewal.

OUR BEST VALUE! Thanks to your access to this page, you can have the full Lifetime Membership and skip annual renewals forever! Our E-Learning platform compares to those charging $450 to $2,000!  This deal won’t last long so get it while you can.

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