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So, exactly what "IS" Organic Word of Mouth Marketing (OWOMM)?

Organic Word of Mouth Marketing (OWOMM) is the process by which customers naturally (i.e. “organically”) tell their friends, family and others about a product or service. OWOMM can produce more and faster revenue and profits than any other income-generating method. It’s the most powerful form of marketing for many reasons.

  • It’s free for the business or entrepreneur. 
  • According to Nielsen, 92% of people what their family and friends tell them more than advertising.
  • It can produce results quickly.
  • There are no restrictions on its use nor regulations to follow.
  • It can be applied to any business or industry.
  • It is by far the fastest, lowest-cost and easiest method for individuals, micro-businesses or SMBs to launch into revenue.

Of course there are many more benefits but today, you’ll learn how to use OWOMM to produce income quickly and leverage it to produce long-term, semi-passive income large enough to meet nearly any goal.

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Freemiums and Word of Mouth

Earn Income Quickly with Our Platforms

Membership in Ranking Trainer provides access to courses and platforms which enable you to achieve financial independence at an accelerated pace. Our course on Organic Word of Mouth Marketing through Freemiums teaches a powerful method for you to earn money quickly and make it last. It shows you exactly how to start receiving income from the first day, before you learn Digital Marketing, SEO and the rest. This is just one more way Ranking Trainer provides higher value than any other online training program. We are the world’s ONLY source for our proprietary platforms.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

The Best Path to Financial Independence

Most of this website is dedicated to helping you learn to do what WE DO. When it comes to profiting from the Internet, you're at the right place. We'll teach you everything you need to build & promote your own websites, start a new career or just have a great side-hustle! Check out this video for a preview.

Affiliate Training

Watch this video! It teaches our Leveraged Freemium Marketing system that enables you to start earning money immediately online, even before you learn any of the course material. It's a powerful tool in your income toolbox. You can also view it on YouTube by clicking the button below. The advantage on YouTube is the Table of Contents in the YouTube description area, which allows you to instantly skip to various parts of the video that interest you the most.

Questions? Join the Community Forum.

Join our Community Forum to ask questions directly to Members, Staff and Management (including our Founder). Just register and log in. There you can read comments, chat with others and post questions & comments. We’ll answer ASAP.  This is a “members only” Forum so access will expire in about a day if you don’t purchase. 

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Need Agency Service?

Our team has experience that outdates Google!

We're a professional web design, SEO and digital marketing agency with experience back to 1996. No project is too large, too small or too complex. Our team is one of the most experienced in the industry and it shows. We dedicated and entire ADDITIONAL website just to showcase our agency services. Follow this button to check it out . . .

Up Your Game with Full Membership

(Discounted Pricing Below!)

It’s true that you can earn almost any size income with our Affiliate Forum membership, provided you invest enough of your own time, energy and resources.  But to become an expert at digital marketing, either as a side hustle or a whole new career, you need our Annual or Lifetime membership.  These memberships grant you access to all our courses that teach the finer points about online digital marketing and even how to truly harness the power of word of mouth marketing. 

Here's Just Some of What Members Learn

Website Building

Be Your Own Webmaster

You don’t need to be a programmer to build beautiful websites. We’ll show you how to build stunning websites that convert traffic into  paying customers. Yes you must learn something.  No, it isn’t hard! We’ll walk you step-by-step through the  process, give you our assessment and opinion of the best tools and help you amaze your harshest critic – yourself!

Funnels & Automation

Your Own Marketing Automation

A sales funnel captures your site visitors, turns them into leads/prospects and leads them down the path of conversion to a paying customer. Instead of paying expensive monthly fees for funnel platforms – build them yourself!  Learn how to get maximum results with minimum expense by controlling your own funnels and automation. 

SEO & Site Promotion

Generate Traffic, Lists & Customers

Search Engine Optimization is the term applied to getting found online. For long-term success you MUST learn to do this yourself. We’ll help you become an expert and take total control over your ability to attract those who are seeking your information or services. Big traffic means big earnings.  It’s not as hard to learn as you may think; but it DOES require work!

Learn How To Learn

One of the most important principles to successful income through technology is learning how to learn. Nobody knows it all. So you must learn how to find what you need, at the time you need it. This is one of the most important skills we teach and it’s vital to your long-term success.  Because the only thing constant about technology is that it’s always changing.  When you know how to change right along with it, you have the skill required to keep your income for a lifetime.

Practice makes perfect

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment. That’s why one of the first things you’ll do is get a domain and begin building your first website. You learn best by DOING.  We want you to start off right, as soon as you decide the type of online income to pursue, you’ll start building it.

What People Say!

". . .love your system, what a beast! I went from just a handful of deals a month to finding great leads whenever I want. It works for me every time, and your staff has been great to work with!"
Bruce W.
"As an immigrant from the Philippines, I brought 5 of my children to the USA to live with my new husband. I didn't know how I could help with the finances until I started here. I made $12,624.50 in my first 5 weeks in the business! I couldn't be happier. This is definitely the real deal."
Melanie K.
"This system is incredible! I use it in both my carpet cleaning and my real estate business. I never fail to get carpet cleaning jobs whenever they're needed and I'm on my way to setting a record for new real estate listings!"
Keith H.


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That’s right, FREE, no strings attached, no card required, EVER.  In fact when you buy a Memberrship, your Affiliate registration is automatically included at no charge. We believe you should not have to pay to represent us and sell our services and the products and services of our partner firms.  Having said that, you’re REALLY missing out if you don’t get a Membership, ESPECIALLY since it provides access to our Community Forum where you can interact with staff & learn  even more.

Annual Membership

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The Annual Membership provides access to all of Ranking Trainer. We designed our system to take a beginner into the advanced stages of digital marketing and web development in less than a year.  Imagine that! Get a 6-figure skill set in record time!  Get $176 off the $199 fee by entering code at checkout.
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OUR BEST VALUE! Although discounts are sometimes offered on our Annual Membership, this is still the best value with no annual renewals or monthly fees. Our E-Learning platform compares to those charging $450 to $2,000 or more for similar content!  We think ours is better especially due to the fact we have proprietary platforms to help!

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