The following policies and procedures are hereby adopted by Voifone Carrier, LLC, a Utah USA Limited Liability Company (hereafter “Company”) doing business as Ranking Trainer, Voifone, Voifone Carrier, Voifone SMS, Voicaster and other DBA’s as may be utilized from time to time.   These Policies and Procedures apply to all Customers, Affiliates and/or Members of the Company who enter agreements and/or otherwise do business with the Company.

  1. Refund Policy:  All funds paid to the Company regardless of the service or product purchased are considered fully earned when paid and become the property of the Company at the time funds are submitted through a Company website or otherwise delivered to the Company. For a more detailed explanation of the “fully earned policy” please see the Terms of Service under the “Funds Earned When Paid Policy” heading. Accordingly, all payments made to the Company by Customers, Affiliates and/or Members are non-refundable. The Company may, if it deems necessary in its sole and absolute discretion, issue credit to Clients, Customers, Affiliates and/or others as the sole means of compensation in lieu of refund for the following: Service failure or error, equipment failure or error, billing errors, undelivered prepaid minutes, undelivered Caller ID Phone Number subscriptions, any other type of subscription that was not delivered as agreed, license fees that result in non-operational software, or any other product or service from the Company that was not delivered as agreed. The Client or customer hereby agrees that credit for the same or other services shall serve as full and complete restitution in the event of any service interruption, non-performance or other failure to deliver as agreed by the Company. The Client agrees to accept the amount of credit, if any, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the Company, as issued by the Company to the Client as full and complete compensation in lieu of refund on any amount paid to the company under dispute. The Client hereby releases the Company from any liability or obligation whatsoever to the Client, relative to the service and/or product that was not delivered as agreed by the Company for which credit(s) was issued in lieu of refund.The Client further agrees that no credit in lieu of refund, nor refund shall be due when the Company has delivered the subscription, product, and/or service which was ordered by the Client. Any such credits issued shall be limited to a maximum of the total paid by the Client or Customer for any product or service delivered.
  2. Standards of Ethical and Professional Behavior:  The Company requires a standard of ethical and professional behavior in all business interactions between itself and its employees, Affiliates, Members, Customers, independent and sub contractors, vendors and all others with whom the Company interacts.  Violation of these standards may constitute a material breach of contract.  The Company may, as a result, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Company, apply such disciplinary action as it deems fit for the infraction up to and/or including or termination of one or more agreements under which the affected party(ies) operates with the Company plus civil and/or criminal prosecution if warranted. The Company’s Standards of Ethical and Professional behavior include but are not limited to:
    1. Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and Service:   All Customers, Affiliates and Members of the Company shall adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, fairness and service when interacting on issues related to the Company between each other and with the Company.  They shall not demean, discredit or defame directors, officers, employees or other Affiliates, Customers or Members. The Company shall have sole authority to determine whether or not the standards of Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and Service have been violated and shall take appropriate action to correct behaviors which violate this policy.
    2. Accurate Representation:  When describing the Company’s products and/or services to prospective or current Customers or Affiliates, Affiliates shall use only such materials and make such claims as provided in official materials produced by the Company.  Verbal claims and statements plus written claims and statements by the Affiliate shall be consistent with only such claims and statements as provided on then-current Company websites or as contained in other official Company literature, files, video and audio messages, etc.  No exaggerated claims shall be made regarding the Company’s services or income potentials when recruiting Affiliates.
    3. Professional Demeanor:
      1. The Contractor shall conduct himself or herself in a professional manner when representing the Company to any of the Company’s clients, customers, suppliers, vendors or other Affiliates and/or contactors. Professional behavior includes but is not limited to:
        1. Keep A Punctual Schedule: When making appointments to see prospective Customers, existing Customers other Affiliates and/or other contractors,  Contractor agrees to be punctual.  In the event Contractor cannot arrive on time to a scheduled appointment, Contractor shall notify the person with whom they have an appointment as soon as the Affiliate realizes Affiliate will not be on time and make suitable arrangements to arrive late or re-schedule.
        2. Copious Attention To Record-Keeping: The Company may require certain record keeping to be performed, or may require Contractor to use its CRM while performing duties herein. Contractor agrees to use the CRM and/or keep records as requested.
        3. Professional Behavior, Courtesy, Tone of Voice, Language With Prospects, Other Affiliates, pre-existing Customers and All Others: Whenever talking to anyone regarding the Company or its products and/or services, Contractor agrees to use a professional tone of voice, be courteous and polite, use formal greetings such as “Sir” and “Ma’am”, “please”, “thank you” and similar comments which are generally considered to be courteous, polite and professional. The following language and/or comments when on phone calls, in online meetings, in live meetings or in other casual conversations with anyone when discussing will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate disciplinary action, in the sole discretion of the Company up to and including to termination of any Agreement between the Company ant its Affiliate, employee or other sub-contractor:
          1. Demeaning comments
          2. Profanity of any kind
          3. Intimidation
          4. Insults
          5. Sarcasm
          6. Threats
          7. Arguing
          8. Other similar unprofessional comments or behaviors
  3.  Financial Obligations to Company by Independent Contractors, Affiliates, Employees and Others:  The Company from time to time may provide cash advances, lend its equipment, pay expenses on behalf of Affiliates, employees and others including but not limited to travel expenses, clerical expense, and other services and/or equipment in an attempt to help Affiliates and others promote the Company’s products and services.  In the absence of a formal written agreement between the Affiliate receiving such assistance and the Company, any such assistance provided by the Company and/or its duly appointed representative(s) is considered to be a loan or an advance (hereafter “advance” or “advances”) against future earnings or other performance on the Company’s behalf by the Affiliate.   Any and all Affiliate earnings are subject to withholding at the Company’s discretion from future earnings of the Affiliate and/or employee to repay the Company for all such advances.  In the event Affiliate/employee does not have sufficient earnings within ninety days of any such Advance(s) to repay the Company, the Affiliate shall return the item(s) or repay any and all money borrowed or take such other action as directed by the Company and/or negotiated between Affiliate and Company.  In the event Affiliate is found to be in material breach of any of its Agreements with Company, in Company’s sole discretion, the Company may choose to demand from Affiliate full and immediate refund or replacement cost of any and all such money and/or item(s) borrowed from the Company.  Company may use any lawful means necessary to recover the value of any unreturned items, unpaid services or unpaid advances due to it, and Affiliate agrees to repay in full such Advances plus any and all costs of collection.
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