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$199 Annual Membership

Placing this order indicates your consent to all Terms of Service, including the Affiliate Agreement (Affiliate program is included with this order).  Affiliate Memberships are subject to approval and may be rejected and/or terminated after registration either at Member’s request or at Company’s sole discretion. Purchase includes access to our Community Forum. Register here for the Community Forum.

Institutional and group discounts available when purchasing more than 5 Memberships. Send inquiries to

How Much Can You Earn?

This is perhaps the most frequent question we get.  Because we provide SELF-employment training, the amount runs the gamut of nothing-to-small-to-medium-to-large. But we DO have some tools and special information for you to help you determine the value of our training to YOU based on YOUR estimate of what you can and will do to improve your own financial situation.  The Founder has produced a video to address this topic. You can find it on our YouTube Channel.

Ranking Trainer Membership

The Membership is designed to provide a broad base of knowledge that goes beyond digital marketing and SEO.  We assume our Members know little to nothing about making money online, web design, SEO or even being a full-time self-employed entrepreneur. Therefore, we take you from beginner to an advanced knowledge and skill set for earning a living using Internet resources. When building your own online income, you should expect it will take 8 to 9 months after you begin SEO on your website before it has enough traffic to begin producing any income at all.  And that’s only IF you do the work required to get there as taught in our course material. In fact, this time frame is merely an average; it could happen sooner or take longer. Despite the fact that it takes time for Google to rank your site high enough to produce traffic large enough for you to earn money, the techniques and methods we teach also help to assure that your sites will continue to grow and increase traffic and revenue for years.  After going through the 16  lessons plus the additional courses, you’ll know how to build websites that generate recurring passive income and e-commerce sites for yourself and others.  You’ll know how to promote them using the most effective and stable form of SEO.  Our SEO training is unique. We call it Common Sense SEO.  It’s designed to show you step by step, how to rank #1 on Google for your keywords, maintain that position and avoid the Google algorithm updates which have plagued countless people using standard SEO techniques, so-called hacks and tactics. You will also know how to build your own sales funnels from scratch and set up your own email marketing automation systems.  We also provide a test at the end of your 16 lessons to evaluate your knowledge.  On passing the test the Company will provide you a certificate attesting to the fact that you took and passed the Ranking Trainer course of study.

The Community Forum

Our Community Forum is a gathering place for Members. The community is a wonderful place where members help other Members by sharing their ideas, answer questions from other members and give encouragement to those who are just starting or struggling along the way.  Forum rules prohibit vulgarity, aggressive behavior toward other Members and unhelpful negative comments. It’s a place where all Members can feel welcomed and benefit from the knowledge and experience of each other.  The purpose here is to help each other and strengthen our community of Internet Entrepreneurs who simply want to provide a good living for themselves and their families. Lessons provided:
  • Lesson 1 – Introduction to Online Marketing
  • Lesson 2 – CMS, Hosting and FTP
  • Lesson 3 – WordPress and Plugin Basics
    • WordPress Overview
    • The Gutenberg Update
      • Editor Overview
      • Reusable blocks
      • Add New Page
      • Add New Post
    • The Dashboard
      • Dashboard Overview
      • Admin Bar
      • Quick Draft
      • Change Password
      • VIsual Editor
      •  Pages
        • Add New Page
        • Trash
        • Restore a Page
        • Pages vs. Posts
      • Posts
        • Add New Post
        • Trash
        • Restore a Post
        • Revisions
      • Visual Editor
        • Edit a page or post
        • Image Editor
        • Paragraphs
        • Heading Styles
        • Hyperlinks
        • Using Lists
        • Embedding
        • Playlists
        • Excerpts
      • Working with Images
        • Media Library
        • Image Gallery
        • Upload Image
        • Image from URL
        • Add Media Library Images
        • Featured Images
        • Edit Images
        • Replace Images
        • Deleting images
      • The Library
        • Upload MediaMedia Library
        • Image Editor
      • Appearance
        • Install Themes
        • Cusotmize
        • Widgets
        • Menus
      • Organizing Content
        • Categories
        • Tags
      • Managing Comments
        • Comments
        • Practical SEO and Picking Your Blog Topic Niche or E-Commerce Business
    • Lesson 4 – Why our SEO is DIFFERENT from what most teach
        • The START NOW! Concept
        • Composing Headlines
        • Keyword Research
        • The Tech of SEO – Tags, Analytics, etc.
        • The Art of SEO – Blog Posts & Page Content
        • Post-Writing Strategy
          • The Correct Sequence to Write Post-Types
          • Post Content Built for Google
        • Post-Types
          • Short
          • Medium
          • Long
          • Make an Article List
    • Lesson 5 – What to expect when following Practical SEO
    • Lesson 6 – HTML Boot Camp
    • Lesson 7 – Landing Pages and Forms
    • Lesson 8 – Email Lists, Database & Non-Database List Management
    • Lesson 9 – E-Commerce
    • Lesson 10 – How to Create Original Content
    • Lesson 11 – PC, Mobile and Website Security & Backups
    • Lesson12 – The Role of CRM in Modern Marketing
    • Lesson13 – Marketing Automation
    • Lesson14 – Effective Bulk Email Strategy
    • Lesson 15 – Effective SMS Strategy
    • Lesson 16 – Mobile Marketing Concepts
  • Affiliate Registration Included
  • Testing and Certification
    • In the event of failed certification test, an additional $100 fee per test is charged.
    • Original Certificate with Original Signatures for $50 plus shipping after passing the test. PDF is delivered via email upon passing the test.  Contact us for an online invoice if you wish to purchase an original certificate.
DISCOUNTS FOR INSTITUTIONS, GROUPS, CORPORATE, GOVERNMENT, ORGANIZATIONS:  Discounts are available for bulk purchase.  Please note that the Company does not accept credit card payments in excess of $5,000.  Larger amounts must be delivered via bank wire or certified check from banking institutions within the USA. Contact Us to inquire about buying memberships for individuals in your company, organization or group.
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