Lifetime Membership


The Lifetime Membership provides your best value.  Annual fees are waived.  Once you pay, you’re a Member for life, entitled to all Membership-included courses and updates to existing courses.  Add-on courses not otherwise included in the Ranking Trainer Membership plus future products and/or services are not included.

Institutional and group discounts available for more than 5 students. Send inquiries for bulk institutional purchase to 

How Much Can You Earn?

This is perhaps the most frequent question we get.  Because this is SELF-employment training and the SELF-sufficiency of our Members, income potential amount runs the gamut of nothing to small to medium to large. But we DO have some tools and special information for you to help you determine the value of our training to YOU based on YOUR estimate of what you can and will do to improve your own financial situation.

Community Forum

The Community Forum is a gathering place for all current Members. The community is a wonderful place where Members help other Members by sharing their ideas, answer questions from other members and give encouragement to those who are just starting or struggling along the way.  Forum rules prohibit vulgarity, aggressive behavior toward other members and unhelpful negative comments. It’s a place where all members can feel welcomed and benefit from the knowledge and experience of each other.  The purpose here is to help each other and strengthen our community of Internet Entrepreneurs who simply want to provide a good living for themselves and their families.

A Lifetime of Learning

Once you join, you’ll discover a whole community of like-minded people eager to help you on your journey.  No matter your current situation, we can help. Ranking Trainer was designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners who want to take charge of their online presence and marketing, people who don’t know anything at all about Internet marketing and web design, and everyone who just wants to get ahead financially.  With the Platinum Lifetime Membership, you never have to pay an annual fee and you’ll enjoy lifetime access to all the most up-to-date information about digital marketing and earning money online. Our course material is unique.  We take the beginner step-by-step from a position of knowing nothing (or very little) about how to make money online, to having the skill and confidence to build an independent income in nearly any industry using the Internet as the primary marketing, sales, product and delivery tool.   In this course, every Member will build their own website(s) and promote it (them) within the 16-week course. The only prerequisites are an Internet connection, a computer, and a burning desire to learn how to be an “expert” without years of studying computer science, coding, online security and SEO/SMM.  Check out the Course Outline for a detailed description of the lessons. By the end of this 16-week course, this is what you’ll do:
  • Be an Affiliate of Ranking Trainer
  • Set up your own landing and squeeze pages,
  • Use them to generate your own leads for anything you want,
  • Build your own websites that display properly on any device from big screens to smartphones,
  • Secure those websites against hacking and other nefarious and unauthorized use,
  • Promote your landing pages and websites using organic SEO and other marketing techniques,
  • Understand, implement, and have full access to automated marketing to save massive amounts of time,
  • Configure POP3 and IMAP email accounts
  • Use a world-class CRM to organize and manage your leads, contacts, sales funnel and personal life,
  • Know the best ways to utilize bulk email AND be able to create sharp-looking responsive, well-designed HTML emails
  • Effectively use SMS (“short message service” aka text message) marketing and have access to worldwide bulk SMS coverage
  • Understand and utilize the very effective role of bulk voice messaging and IVR
  • Bring all these modules together in a cogent manner that makes you self-reliant and capable of commanding your OWN financial destiny.
Welcome to the most cost-effective, tools-based training on the planet, designed from the ground up “for the rest of us”. MULTIPLE PAID SUBSCRIPTION-BASED ADD-ONS ARE REQUIRED TO MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS FROM THIS COURSE Some Examples:
  • Domain Name
  • SSL Certificate
  • Hosting Service
  • A CRM
  • Voifone Communicator (for toll-based International calling)
  • Voifone SMS (SMS direct-to-carrier text messages to phones worldwide)
  • Lessons provided:
    • Lesson 1 – Introduction to Online Marketing
    • Lesson 2 – CMS, Hosting and FTP
    • Lesson 3 – WordPress and Plugin Basics
    • Lesson 4 – HTML Boot Camp
    • Lesson 5 – Landing Pages and Forms
    • Lesson 6 – Email Lists, Database & Non-Database List Management
    • Lesson 7 – E-Commerce
    • Lesson 8 – How to Create Original Content
    • Lesson 9 – PC, Mobile and Website Security & Backups
    • Lesson 10 – The Role of CRM in Modern Marketing
    • Lesson 11 – Marketing Automation
    • Lesson 12 – Effective Bulk Email Strategy
    • Lesson 13 – Effective SMS Strategy
    • Lesson 14 – Practical & Powerful SEO
    • Lesson 15 – SMM Concepts
    • Lesson 16 – Mobile Marketing Concepts
  • Affiliate Registration Included
  • Testing and Certification
    • Additional $100 fee per re-test is charged if you fail the first test.
    • Original Certificate with Original Signatures for $50 plus shipping after passing the test. PDF is delivered upon passing via email.
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