Silver Membership

$10.00 / month and a $99.95 sign-up fee

The Silver Membership includes everything in the Bronze Membership (Mini-Course) together with a fully-built, hosted and customizable Squeeze Page to promote your Affiliate business.  Placing this order indicates your consent to all Terms of Service.  Institutional and group discounts available for more than 5 students. Send inquiries for bulk institutional purchase to 


How Much Can You Earn? (special message from our Founder )

This is perhaps the most frequent question we get.  Because we provide SELF-employment training, the amount runs the gamut of small to large. But we DO have some tools and special information for you to help you determine the value of our training to YOU based on YOUR estimate of what you can and will do to improve your own financial situation.  There are two special video messages directly from our Founder, one for “everyone” and another special message to Kabayans (you know who you are!).  Each is less than 10-minutes.

Quick-Start to Affiliate Earnings

If you’re just looking for a fast-start into building your Affiliate income with Ranking Trainer, the Silver Membership is perfect! With it, you’ll get these perks:
  • INCLUDED – Affiliate Registration
  • INCLUDED – Beautiful Squeeze Page installed, customized and linked to your Affiliate website,
  • INCLUDED – Squeeze Page mini-site hosting
  • INCLUDED – SSL for your Squeeze Page,
  • INCLUDED – Email branded to your Affiliate business ( to give you a professional image as our Affiliate,
  • INCLUDED – Links from your Landing Page that sends your visitors right to the payment pages of YOUR Affiliate website,
  • INCLUDED – Voifone CRM to help you track everything you do with all leads, contacts, customers and organizations,
  • EXTRA – SEO/SMM Coaching Software subscription which guides you through the process of putting your landing page at the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo search results.

The Silver Membership

Membership provides a greatly condensed version of our 16-week Basic Internet Marketing Course.  We call it our Mini Course but it is really the first of 16 lessons in the full Systems Analyst course.  It includes a series of short overviews of each of the 16 lessons contained in the course plus a brief tutorial on the Affiliate program.  We’ll introduce you to the nomenclature, acronyms, terms and various systems needed to create an Internet-based campaign designed to sell products & services or promote any cause.  If you only want to understand the basics and have very limited time, this may be your ideal choice.  After viewing the nearly 20 video tutorials in this Memberships, you will understand the broad concept of website creation, publishing, how to attract visitors to your site and then convert those visitors to paying customers (or otherwise respond to a call-to-action) on your site. This package provides the following:
  • Overview of the Following Lessons
    • Lesson 1 – Introduction to Online Marketing
    • Lesson 2 – CMS, Hosting and FTP
    • Lesson 3 – WordPress and Plugin Basics
    • Lesson 4 – HTML Boot Camp
    • Lesson 5 – Landing Pages and Forms
    • Lesson 6 – Email Lists, Database & Non-Database List Management
    • Lesson 7 – E-Commerce
    • Lesson 8 – How to Create Original Content
    • Lesson 9 – PC, Mobile and Website Security & Backups
    • Lesson 10 – The Role of CRM in Modern Marketing
    • Lesson 11 – Marketing Automation
    • Lesson 12 – Effective Bulk Email Strategy
    • Lesson 13 – Effective SMS Strategy
    • Lesson 14 – SEO Concepts
    • Lesson 15 – SMM Concepts
    • Lesson 16 – Mobile Marketing Concepts
  • 4-Lesson course Intro to Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Registration included
  • Affiliate Tutorial for Back Office and Affiliate Website Usage
  • 2 Personalized Video or Audio Coaching Sessions
  • Membership subscription required to access to Member-only content & Affiliate training


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