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$10.00 / month and a $595.00 sign-up fee

The Gold Membership includes everything in the Silver Membership together with the full 16-week course leading to Certification as a Systems Analyst. (NOTE:  Membership Subscription is required with Membership. Scroll down to add a Membership Subscription to your cart before checkout.)

Placing this order indicates your consent to all Terms of Service, including the Affiliate Agreement (Affiliate program is included with this package).  All Affiliate Memberships are subject to approval. Please allow up to 24 hours for activation of your Affiliate account and official Ranking Trainer website (most are approved within 4-6 hours, and many are approved within minutes, especially during office hours).

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How Much Can You Earn? (special message from our Founder )

This is perhaps the most frequent question we get.  Because we provide SELF-employment training, the amount runs the gamut of small to large. But we DO have some tools and special information for you to help you determine the value of our training to YOU based on YOUR estimate of what you can and will do to improve y our own financial situation.  There are two special video messages directly from our Founder, one for “everyone” and another special message to Kabayans (you know who you are!).  Each is less than 10-minutes.

The Gold Membership

The Gold Package includes everything from the Silver Package, including the customizable WordPress Landing Page installed and customized exclusively for you by our design team.  A Ranking Trainer Certified Systems Analyst is trained to use Internet-based tools to create websites, set up e-commerce, create landing pages, perform SEO and SMM, promote almost anything online and generally perform all tasks required to achieve financial success as an independent and self-reliant Internet entrepreneur.  This course does NOT train people for a career as an employee of any government or corporate entity although the training and official Certificate from Ranking Trainer may help as a resume enhancement.  It may also satisfy certain skills needed for some employment opportunities.  We do not teach coding or specific CMS platforms or other systems.  The only prerequisites for this course is access to a computer capable of surfing the Internet, a broadband Internet connection capable of streaming content to that computer, and the willingness and desire to learn and complete the lessons.  We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer with minimum 8 gig memory (16 gig is better) and i5 or i7 processor for best performance.  You should be able to view course material on smartphones and tablets but we recommend a PC or laptop for all required classwork tasks such as website creation and editing, SEO, SMM, etc. By the end of this 16-week course, you’ll be able to:
  • Customize your own landing page,
  • Use them to generate your own leads for anything you want,
  • Build your own websites that display properly on any device from big screens to smart phones,
  • Secure those websites against hacking and other nefarious and unauthorized use,
  • Promote your landing pages and websites using SEO, SMM and other marketing techniques,
  • Understand, implement, and have full access to automated marketing to save massive amounts of time,
  • Configure POP3 and IMAP email accounts
  • Use a world-class CRM to organize and manage your leads, contacts, sales funnel and personal life,
  • Know the best ways to utilize bulk email AND be able to create sharp-looking responsive, well-designed HTML emails
  • Effectively use SMS (“short message service” aka text message) marketing and have access to worldwide bulk SMS coverage
  • Understand and utilize the very effective role of bulk voice messaging and IVR
  • Bring all these modules together in a cogent manner that makes you self-reliant and capable of commanding your OWN financial destiny.
  • Domain (paid subscription required)
  • SSL (paid subscription required)
  • Basic Hosting (paid subscription required)
  • Voifone CRM (paid subscription required)
  • Voifone Communicator (Variable call plans)
  • Voifone SMS (Separate Bulk SMS Account when Voifone Communicator account is subscription-based)
  • SEO/SMM Coaching Software (paid subscription required)
  • Customizable Affiliate Landing Page with Ranking Trainer branded email (1st year free)
  • Lessons provided:
    • Lesson 1 – Introduction to Online Marketing
    • Lesson 2 – CMS, Hosting and FTP
    • Lesson 3 – WordPress and Plugin Basics
    • Lesson 4 – HTML Boot Camp
    • Lesson 5 – Landing Pages and Forms
    • Lesson 6 – Email Lists, Database & Non-Database List Management
    • Lesson 7 – E-Commerce
    • Lesson 8 – How to Create Original Content
    • Lesson 9 – PC, Mobile and Website Security & Backups
    • Lesson 10 – The Role of CRM in Modern Marketing
    • Lesson 11 – Marketing Automation
    • Lesson 12 – Effective Bulk Email Strategy
    • Lesson 13 – Effective SMS Strategy
    • Lesson 14 – SEO Concepts
    • Lesson 15 – SMM Concepts
    • Lesson 16 – Mobile Marketing Concepts
  • Affiliate Registration Included
  • Testing and Certification
    • In the event of failed certification test, an additional $100 fee per test is charged.
    • Original Certificate with Original Signatures for $50 plus shipping after passing the test. PDF is delivered via email and original is shipped for all users.  Fee is required to receive certificate.
DISCOUNTS FOR INSTITUTIONS, GROUPS, CORPORATE, GOVERNMENT, ORGANIZATIONS:  Discount pricing is available in the drop-down “Group Count” list.  Please note that the Company does not accept credit card payments in excess of $5,000.  Larger amounts must be delivered via bank wire or certified check from banking institutions within the USA.

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