Voifone Bulk SMS

All Bulk SMS service is prepaid.  Add funds to your account with PayPal (preferred) or debit/credit card.   Usage is deducted in real-time from  your balance.  Call traffic stops when balance reaches zero.  Add any amount of $50 or greater to your account.  The maximum payment using PayPal or Debit/Credit card is $2,000.  For larger amounts, please contact us. Allow up to 1 business day to for your account balance to be updated.  See Payment Policies below.  Most balances are updated within 4 to 6 hours when paid during Voifone business hours.  Payment indicates agreement to terms.

IMPORTANT:  Please indicate the email address registered to your RTECH account and/or your Invoice Number in the Order Notes of the check out page before submitting payment.   Your credit/debit card or PayPal statement may indicate payment to Ranking Trainer-Voifone-RTECH or similar company names, all of which are divisions of the same corporation. Payment indicates agreement to terms below.

Minimum Amount Required: $25.00

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