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The Great Paradigm Shift

ARAS is a game-changer for 5 industries listed below. Read each tile to see how we’re changing the status quo for the better. The way things have always been done is improving!

No Learning Curve

In digital marketing, millions of people want a stable online income. Digital marketing is time-consuming to learn and implement. Althgough it's valuable, most people lack time to master it enough to earn a living. ARAS enables you to earn money without fully mastering digital marketing skills - a major paradigm shift for those wanting to participate in the digital marketing industry.

Compensate Backers

Reward-Based Crowdfunding typically offers discounted prices to backers for pre-selling products or services. However, ARAS introduces a paradigm shift by enabling crowdfunders to earn income through referrals, compensating them based on contributions from their referral network. This is a paradigm shift from traditional campaigns that provide no compensation.

Pay The Users

Freemium models rely on product quality for word-of-mouth marketing to acquire users through free services with paid upgrades. ARAS introduces a paradigm shift by compensating freemium users for referrals, providing financial incentives to actively promote offerings. This leveraged approach represents a major change with a goal to accelerate user acquisition.

Earn By Using

ARAS introduces a paradigm shift for affiliate marketing by enabling affiliates to earn income primarily by using the product with others. This is easier than learning digital marketing skills like SEO. This model leverages viral user growth and paid conversions from networks, providing an accessible path to monetize without extensive marketing expertise, unlike traditional affiliate approaches requiring continuous efforts to drive traffic and sales.

Sale-Based Earnings

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) has gained a negative reputation due to high product costs, pressures of selling to friends and family, and affiliates often paying more than they earn. ARAS represents a paradigm shift because it uses a freemium model at its core and also provides free participation, offers competitively priced products, and calculates earnings from affiliate sales rather than purchases. This is far different from traditional MLM companies.

Simplified Recruiting

ARAS introduces a paradigm shift for affiliate marketing by allowing affiliates to earn income through personal referrals to freemium offerings, rather than mastering digital marketing. This model provides an accessible path to monetize by leveraging viral user growth and paid conversions from networks, without extensive marketing expertise. It represents a major change from traditional affiliate approaches requiring skills like SEO to drive traffic and conversions.


Because it’s the fastest way to raise capital for these apps and share up to 60% of the millions of dollars raised with the very same people who made it possible.


Does it Really Work?

Yes,  absolutely!

Crowdfunding is the fastest-growing source of startup capital worldwide in the past decade and it’s growing bigger by the day. check out the number of crowdfunding projects per region back in 2020, during the pandemic in this map graphic and data. 

North America
$74 Billion

Asia Pacific
$65.8 Billion

$15.1 Billion

Latin America
$0.3 Billion

Middle East and Africa
$0.1 Billion

That’s $155 Billion back in 2020! Crowdfunding will raise about $300 Billion in 2024 after several years of 11.8% to 16.4% annual growth for the past decade, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

This is a rare chance for YOU to benefit from the Crowdfunding industry.

Get Paid While Helping Bring Our Apps To Market

. . . and make even more
when they're published . . .

You’ll be perfectly positioned to massively profit from the Fonify/ARAS app launch as one of our tens of thousands of Crowdfunders! You see, all our Crowdfunders are Affiliates, entitled to earn money based on their own effots AND they’re designated as our first Beta Testers for Fonify/ARAS that’ll introduce this first-of-a-kind communicator to the world.

We need tens of thousands of Crowdfunders before the official launch to ensure a robust and comprehensive Beta Test as we roll out the completed apps to the MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who need a better way to communicate while building an online income. We expect even faster growth after the official Fonify launch.  You may want to go back and re-watch the video above with that in mind.

There's another important piece to making money through our Crowdfunding effort. This piece enables nearly everyone to make money online with little or no digital marketing experience. It's the magic of FREEMIUMS.

FREEMIUM (definition – noun) 

A business model where a basic product or service is provided for free, but additional features or services are sold at a premium.


This model has been used in the software industry since the 1980s.

Key Strategy

Money is charged for advanced features, services or virtual/physical goods that enhance the free version.

Freemiums are popular! Have you heard of these well-known Freemiums?

Freemium Services Table. This table was created from research done by RTECH Consulting on 4/16/2024 and reflects the most accurate data available at that time. Our business model (and the Fonify-ARAS model) is similar to these companies, all of which provide free basic services and offer premium add-on services for a fee. Most fees are monthly subscriptions and are known as SaaS (Software as a Service.). This table is sorted from highest to lowest in revenue as the date of research. If you have questions about this table or the research, please contact us.

FreemiumUsersRevenueRevenue SourceComments
WooCommerce4.4 M$20 BnPremium servicesWorld's most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin. User count is # of online stores. Most recent revenue is from 2020.
LinkedIn990 M$15.7 BnPremium services39% of users are paying customers (386 Million)
Ancestry.com140M$5 BnPremium servicesInfo derived from personal meeting with top management
Zoom2M$4.39 BnPremium servicesAbout 315,000 paid users; user base has declined since the pandemic
Spotify600 M$3.97 BnPremium services236 M users are paying customers.
Evernote250 M$3.43 BnPremium services10% of users are paying customers
Twitch240 M$2.8 BnPremium service, AdsIn-app purchases is primary revenue. This is a live video-streaming service.
Dropbox4.3M$2.5 BnPremium servicesOnline storage & file transfer
Canva135M$1.7 BnPremium servicesVisual communication & collaboration (graphic design suite)
ChatGPT180.5 M$1.6 BnPremium services. Set a record for fastest growing app of all time, 100 M users in only 2 months. Revenue is estimate for 1st year.
Slack2.27 Bn$1.5 BnPremium servicesCloud-based collaboration & communication; 12 M daily users.
Viber1 Bn$1.3 BnSticker packs & VoIP callsRevenue is 2022; 19% of users in Ukraine
Mailchimp33.3 M$1.0 BnPremium servicesThere are about 2 million paying customers
WhatsApp2.4 Bn$906 MPremium servicesIndia is WhatsApp's largest market; All revenue from "WhatsApp Business"
Hubspot1.1 M$883 MPremium servicesUser count is an estimate based on paid vs free member ratio.
Discord450 M$445 MSubscription "Nitro" subscription is primary revenue source. Chat & communication platform for gaming and social communities.
Duolingo500 M$369.7 MPremium servicesThis is a language learning platform with courses.
Skype2.27 Bn$184.3 MPaid VoIPMicrosoft acquired Skype for $8.5 Bn in 2011;
Grammarly30 M$88.7 MPremium servicesMostly from organizaitons
Telegram900 M$68.8 MPremium subscriptions (stickers, fast downloads, advanced chat)Revenue is from premium subscription service.
Perplexity.ai45 M$8.2 MPremium servicesUser count is from unique users in Dec 2023. This is a startup founded Aug. 2022. It provides LLM search services.

Freemiums are WHY you can make money without selling!

On average, somewhere between 6% and 60% of Freemium users pay for upgraded services.  We have Freemiums people want and need RIGHT NOW! You’ll see them below. 

This is why you can give away our services and STILL make money! So many people need what we have:  An easier way to make extra or full-time money.  Currently, we provide 2 valuable services that are free forever.  An Affiliate platform and a Community Forum. 

As people use them, they make money while learning more about our system and how it works. Many users discover they want more. Some buy the upgrades when they first register. 

The feature upgrades (like crowdfunding, e-learning courses or our Bizfone service) make sense. So they buy. (There’s a BIG difference between someone who ‘buys’ and someone who is ‘sold’ a product or service.) People love to buy! They hate being sold.

And in the not-too-distant-future, FONIFY with ARAS, the app we’re crowdfunding, will become by far our biggest and best Freemium! 

As one of our Crowdfunders, you’ll be in a position to share in the avalanche of new users and payments on launch day and into the future!

Free Platform and Registration

Since 2017 when we started, we’ve never charged a fee to earn money with us. We’ll train you, give you free materials, and an amazing platform to track your earnings and get paid weekly. Best of all, you’ll be the first to use our proprietary ARAS digital marketing automation that’ll enable you to build a solid, recurring income without limitation. Many people earn money the day they start and their payments start the following week. 

Meet. Learn. Chat. Support. FREE!

Join the best community on the web to help you start making money online. And if you’re already a pro, you’ll find other like-minded people, tips and tactics that nobody else has, because they’re based on our own proprietary systems. As a Forum member, you’re entitled to free training and free support. This is where you can meet, message and chat with other Affiliates, Crowdfunders, Students, Staff and may even meet our Founder!

We Built a Prototype of Fonify!
Check out the demo.

This image is a placeholder. Real video coming soon . . . check back daily!

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It's a Simple 5-Step Process

Sign up as an Affiliate and then register your Forum access. It’s simple. It’s FREE. We’ll show you how as your register. 

First, read the rest of this page!  It’s got a wealth of information (not just sales and hype).  Then, register and get into the Forum. Read the posts. Message our staff. Talk to whoever invited you to join and participate in our free online video discussions with staff.   This is the easiest method you’ll ever find to make money. To start, just invite somebody else you know who wants more money to join also. You will earn as you learn.

Money is made when something is sold. That’s true in every business. But ours is unique. At the present, our primary focus is to sell our crowdfunding shares to people who see the vision of what Fonify and ARAS can do for them, their loved ones and contacts, and others who want and need a better way to make money.  But we aren’t ignoring our courses and our Bizfone services either. The more you know, the more you can earn. Unlike any other earnings platform, you can literally find customers by simply helping people register for FREE! We’ll take care of the rest.

Most people know many others who could use a great side huslte that’s so easy to learn and generate income. Use your Affiliate link and invite them to register and/or become a Crowdfunder.

There’s absolutely no requirement to contribute to our crowdfunding effort to make money. But if you do, you’re rewards and income can be much greater! Take the time to learn about the benefits of being one of our Crowdfunders and how your contribution can super-charge your income right now and especially at the Fonify launch.

Others Have Done It and So Can You!

Not everyone does as well as Melanie whom you’ll see below, but others have done even better! We’ve made it possible for nearly anyone, regardless of their circumstances to begin earning money right away, and take their income to whatever size the results of their efforts dictate. There’s literally no limit to the income you can make. And as your income grows, it becomes more stable and can develop into a full-time and nearly passive income. If that lifestyle appeals to you, you owe it to yourself to join us and learn all you can about how we’re revolutionizing the process of making money online.

This is the most common question that nearly everyone asks. And the answer is “it depends.”

A better question might be:

“Is it possible to earn good money as our Affiliate in this crowdfunding system and the answer is . . .



"As an immigrant from the Philippines, I brought 5 of my children to the USA to live with my new husband. I didn't know how I could help with the finances until I started here. I made $12,24.50 in my first 5 weeks in the business! I couldn't be happier. This is definietly the real deal.."
One of our Affiliates

What We Sell


The most dynamic and profitable path to earning money online quickly..


Become a digital marketing expert while learning business strategy.


International business and personal phone, video conference, SMS & chat.

Crowdfunding Packages

The following tiles highlight the Crowdfunding Packages designed to raise funds for ARAS and Fonify. As our Affiliate, you’ll earn commissions when you refer somebody who makes a purchase through your link. Each package is linked to a complete description and purchase page.

How Much Can I Make?

This is the Most Common Question We Get

To help you answer this for yourself, we developed a web app that allows you to make assumptions to create your own “what-if”scenarios. The primary purpose of this application is to illustrate various important concepts about our compensation plan to help you build the best strategy possible as you work to build yourself the kind of income you really want. Here’s a video that’ll help you understand how to use it.

What's the Commission?

This is our SECOND Most Common Question

We use a simple compensation plan that leverages your efforts by allowing you to recruit other Affiliates and get a percent of what they sell.  You’ll get a 25% commission for every paying referral sent to your unique link. If you recruit others who also send paying customers, you’ll get a 5% bonus on that business. Your genealogy continues to pay you 5% on sales and subscriptions sold by 8 generations of Affiliates in your extended Affiliate family. 

Is This MLM?  Well, yes and no. It’s a hybrid system. We’re not an “MLM” company per se. We’re an IT and Digital Marketing Services provider that uses a a hybrid marketing approach that includes the Freemium business model, organic SEO, paid ads, and ARAS, our own leveraged word-of-mouth marketing software.  While it’s true that we use a generational system that allows you to leverage your efforts, we encourage word-of-mouth between people who already know each other. In fact, we don’t really fit the culture of a standard MLM or Network Marketing company. Here are some differences between our hybrid system and them: 

  • We don’t require payment to earn money. “Ever.”
  • Our focus is on Freemiums, the most successful IT business model of all time.
  • Instead of selling and/or recruiting, the emphasis is on using our Freemium apps with others.
  • We welcome those who never pay us. This is the opposite of direct-sales firms.
  • We don’t “do” the big rallies and sales meetings.
  • Many of our highest-earning Affiliates never paid us! (Unheard of with MLM/Networking.)

There are other differences but suffice it to say, we have a unique system and our own patent-pending software to help ensure others will have a very hard time competing with us.

Watch This Demo

This image is a placeholder. The real one is coming soon . . . check back daily!

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Try It Yourself!

Here's the Calculator

Crowdfunding Terms

Six-Phase Funding Process
Total Required: $2,500,000

Phase I: Initial Affiliate Platform $50,000

Initial Affiliate Platform.  The initial phase of development will commence when the company has received its first $50,000 within a 90-day time frame per the Crowdfunding Terms of Service.  The initial Affiliate Platform is built into our existing website and is a customized version of a pre-built WordPress plugin. It will not fully reflect all features of our compensation plan. However, it will calculate and report the genealogy and earnings accurately. We plan to release this application in segments to enable our earilest adopters to begin immediately when this crowdfunding plan is announced. The earliest Crowdfunder adopters will receive added benefits as linked from the terms button at the top of the Affiliate Dashboard

Phase II: Affiliate Platform Upgrade $50,000

Upgraded Affiliate Platform .  This upgrade is a fully customized Affiliate Platform which will be developed and deployed and for which we’ll own and control the original source code. It will provide all features as cited in our Compensation Plan. We’ll begin development of this upgrade upon receipt of an additional of $50,000 within a period of 120 days or less following the receipt of the first phase of funds.

Phase III: Affiliate Mobile Platform with ARAS $200,000

Mobile Apps for the Affiliate Platform with Embedded ARAS.  We’ll begin development of the initial design phase for the ARAS system with fully customized mobile and desktop apps in Phase III. The mobile apps will enhance Affiliate earnings by accelerating and automating the registration process for new Affiliates and Customers. This will result in a significant boost in productivity for all active Affiliates. To begin development, Affiliates must raise $200,000 over and above the Phase I and Phase II funds within a period of 120 days or less following completion of Phase II, per our crowdfunding terms. This phase is the development of our own new Affiliate Application in which ARAS is fully embedded and operational. This will be a stand-alone application and will be released prior to resuming Fonify development. All Crowdfunders and active Affiliates will be able to use, test and comment on this application. It will be released for Android, iOS, PC and Mac operating systems. 

Phase IV: Initial Fonify/ARAS Development $600,000

Initial Fonify Development.  We’ll begin development of Fonify with embedded ARAS-enabled Affiliate Platform  upon receipt of an additional $600,000 after completion of Phase II. Per our terms, the $600,000 must be received within 120 days or less after the receipt Phase II funding. This phase of development will rely on a partially-built system which has already been produced by our previous engineering team as a method to speed up deployment. This will be a fully functional application for mobile and desktop use, and will be fully compliant with our feature requirements. However, we will not own all source code for Version 1.0 of Fonify.

Phase V: Completion of Fonify v2.0 $600,000

Fonify v2.0 Completion Phase.  We’ll begin development of the final Fonify development segment with embedded ARAS feature upon receipt of an additional amount of $600,000 within a period of 120 days or less after the receipt of the second phase of funds. Again, this is pursuant to Crowdfunding terms.This version will provide some upgrades but is mostly designed to ensure we have full ownership and control over the documented source code.

Phase VI: First Year Tech Support & Updates $1,000,000

Completion of the Fonify/ARAS Crowdfunding Project.  Additional funding is required during the first year or two of opperation after Fonify is fully developed and deployed, to ensure sufficient customer and technical support as usage rapidly increases. We launched this Crowdfunding Project to fully develop and deploy Fonify with ARAS features and complete and declared it as “closed” only after this Phase VI of $1,000,000 has been received. To close the Crowdfunding Project, we need to receive these funds within a period of no more than 150 days after receipt of the 5th phase of funding under this Crowdfunding Project. We reserve the right to extend the time and/or increase funding requirements as needed until we have fully achieved our goal of Fonify as a stable, secure platform that produces sufficient profits to satisfy our shareholders and directors.

Select Your Crowdfunding Package

NOTICE:  Affiliate compensation is available on these Crowdfunder Packages and our Courses but not yet available on telecom services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a paid membership system planned after the Crowdfunding phases are complete. These memberships will have multiple tiers with different pricing and benefits for each level. Memberships will be launched upon close of the Crowdfunding project. Also, a great number of Affiliates will be positioned to profit very well from our expected to be a viral growth upon the launch of Fonify with its ARAS advantage.

Many have had good results the very first day. We address this issue even more in the Forum. You’ll get access as soon as you register!

Register for our Forum. Most people do this while purchasing their Crowdfunding Package or when registering as an Affiliate for those who don’t pay. 

Yes. The only countries that are excluded are those listed on the website of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Yes. Fonify will provide a flat rate subscription for USA phone numbers making calls within and to other USA destination phone numbers. Non-USA phone numbers will be charged a per-minute rate. All subscriptions and per-minute service are pre-paid.

No. We are a private company that provides testing and a signed certificate for Gold and Platinum Members who pass our own, private competency test. We believe in the “accreditation” of the free marketplace. We do not attempt to meet any government-issued accreditation standards anywhere in the world. Instead, we hold to our own high standards of performance. The certificates we offer carry the same weight as certificates of completion from any private company that certifies their students as having passed an exam. In other words, acceptence as our certificates as valid evidence of competency is up to each person, company or organization to whom the certificate is presented.

Almost all. The only countries you cannot call are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea region of Ukraine, and Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Udraine. For the most current list of embargoed areas, please consult the Office of Foreeign Assets Control (OFAC) website.

Yes. Stock purchase is restricted to those who are (a) personal contacts of Richard Gaustad with whom he has a “substantial relationship” as defined by the Securities Act of 1933 as Amended, or (b) Investors defined as “Accredited Investor” as defined in that same Act. An Accredited Investor is generally a person with a new worth of over $1,000,000 excluding personal residence, and (b) with an income of $200,000 or more for each of the past two years and expecting the same or more in the current tax year.  If you qualify and have an interest, PM Richard Gaustad in the Forum for a private appointment and consultation.

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