Frequently Asked Questions

Use the menu item “Courses” at the top of most pages of this website.  By hovering over it, you can compare courses side-by-side (first menu item) where you will find Buy Now or Subscribe buttons. Or, you can select each course individually where you will find a “Take This Course” button.

No.  Of course, it’s obvious that the faster your Internet connection, the less time you spend waiting for pages to load, uploads and downloads of data. But there is no specification as to Internet speed required to take our course.  The only requirement is that you have access to the Internet because all materials and Information are delivered through the Internet and . . .well . . . the whole point of teaching people to make money online is that they have access to an Internet connection to do so.

Yes. All course members are auto-registered to be an Affiliate of Ranking Trainer. Learn more about our Affiliate program. 

Three ways:

  1. Members and Affiliates have access to the Community where they can post comments and questions and receive answers from other members.  Company management, including our Founder, is also very active in the community and answers questions there.
  2. We provide a ticket-based system for answering questions for paid members.
  3. You will see a chat button at the bottom of most screens. Chat agents are not trained to answer technical questions but they can handle most pre-sales questions.

In most cases, yes.  Or at least, you need a major debit/credit to pay your course fees and subscriptions. We do make some exceptions to this rule so contact us for special requests. To get paid as an Affiliate, we require direct bank-to-bank transfer regardless of your country of residence. 

No. All course content is copyrighted andmay not be reproduced or shared without our specific, pre-authorized written consent of the copyright holder.

Voifone is a Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (“VoIP”) International telecom service.  Ranking Trainer was developed as the result of sales team members from our commercial VoIP division in past years who requested training to locate new customers through the Internet. Ranking Trainer was developed by Richard Gaustad for Voifone Carrier, LLC for the purpose of training an “army” of online marketing experts to help market their multitude of services. Ranking Trainer is the official marketing arm of Voifone Communicator, but has also taken on a life of its own and Affiliates provide this service to visitors to their own websites, personal contacts and through other companies and organizations.

Internet Technology changes continually. We are constantly updating, modifying and/or adding to our courses to stay current with the latest technology. Also, we’ll periodically offer information, learning materials and/or new tools to our active Ranking Trainer Members with additional courses, graduate studies, private blog articles from experts in pertinent fields and build a community of active part-timers who love making money online, yet are not coders, engineers or programmers. Ongoing membership fees help sustain this continuing effort to keep you on top of all-things-IT.

The time for each lesson is variable. Lessons are pre-recorded as streaming video content and sometimes have one or more accompanying downloadable elements such as a PDF or slide show.  Lessons are designed to last between 10 or less minutes and 45 minutes each but can be shorter or longer depending on the subject matter. Most lessons require you to do some work on your own before you advance to the next lesson.  New lessons are delivered in our Learning Platform each week.

YES! However most do not because of various reasons. Everyone taking our course can begin earning money the very first day they register as an Affiliate.  Most do it by referring other people they know to take a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum course. In fact, the first lesson contains specific instructions about how to “earn while you learn.”  We know that many people taking our course want to start profiting from it as soon as “yesterday”.    Just like any entrepreneurial endeavor, earning money requires an investment of YOUR time, effort and money and we do not guarantee any particular outcome for any student. 

In most cases, “yes”. We do make some exceptions so contact us if you have a special circumstance and we’ll see what we can arrange. We do accept Western Union, bank wires, cash and funds from other money transfer services. However, we only accept Western Union, Money Gram, etc. for fully paid Gold or Platinum courses.

Submit a ticket.  Also, most audio/video problems are due to issues with your Host, so check with them first.

“Ranking” refers to the order in which your website appears in natural search results through Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.  “Trainer” of course means that we teach you what you must know to increase your rank.  A “high” rank would be the 1st, 2nd or 3rd search result seen for any given search word or phrase. The goal is to be as high as possible on the first page of Google and other search engines. Most people reading this will realize that they RARELY look past the first page of search results. This is true “en masse”.

Refer them!  Sign them up! Quick! Hurry!  But make sure you provide them your Affiliate link for their own registration to ensure your commission is paid to YOU.  (We’re glad you asked!) 

Yes! We offer testing after you complete the 16-week course, and if you pass you will receive a certificate worthy of framing, signed by the Directors of the Company.  We are not accredited by any governmental or other body, nor do we intend to seek any such accreditation.  The certificate you earn constitutes written proof that you have taken our course and have learned the information we have taught.  Many private firms and organizations do the same. For instance Microsoft issues certificates like the MCSE attesting to skill and knowledge of their networking systems, Cisco Systems does the same with their CNE designation, countless automotive and machinery makers train, test certify and re-certify people regarding the use of their equipment.  By testing and certifying those who take our proprietary course, we engage in this same commercial practice. Testing and certification is not mandatory. However, for colleagues, customers or even employers, our Certificate may be useful to you as evidence you have learned our concept and system.  Of course the best evidence is “you” and what you do with your new knowledge and skill. There is a test when you complete the course. By passing this online test, you get instant access to your certificate. If you print with a good color printer on nice paper, you can frame or mount it on a nice plaque.  If you want original signatures from the Company founders and a gold corporate seal, contact us for a special purchase.

No.  We are a private company that provides testing and a signed certificate for Gold and Platinum Members who pass our own, private competency test.  We believe in the “accreditation” of the free marketplace.  We do not attempt to meet any government-issued accreditation standards anywhere in the world.  Instead, we hold to our own high standards of performance.

No.  The majority of our students are absolute beginners, but we also have IT professionals, web designers and others who are advanced in the IT world. This course is geared for beginners but even those who are advanced and Internet marketing professionals will find value in our course.  You need to have access to the Internet, a computer and a burning desire to know how to make money online.  You also must know how to use a browser and search the Internet; some skill using a keyboard is helpful.

Yes, of course!  We encourage and promote working from home and LEARNING from home.  The whole point to this type of training is that it is convenient and can be done on YOUR schedule, not ours.  This is a prime reason we do NOT conduct many “live” sessions but instead, focus on creating quality materials for streaming video, audio or downloadable content.

No.  Any of the major Internet browsers work just fine, such as Microsoft Explorer or Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and others.  Everyone has their favorite browser.  You will use a variety of resources.  All content is delivered through browsers. We suggest any of the largest browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge/Explorer or Safari).  Others will work too.

Submit a ticket so we can help resolve the issue.  You can also download the corresponding PDF and/or other content if it exists. We provide the same information as in the video in downloadable format specifically because we know some people have very slow or inadequate Internet connections for streaming video.  Nonetheless, it is STILL possible to earn money online even if you get your connection from the local library. (Believe it or not, some of our development work was done by a programmer at the public library in London, England . . .he was down on his luck at that time and we provided much-needed income for him. He didn’t even OWN a computer, yet he was a very good engineer . . .PROOF that people with DESIRE, can certainly make money online regardless of their circumstance.)

Yes, in fact you can do MORE than repeat. As we update and add more lessons to this course, you’re entitled to them as an active Ranking Trainer Member. Once you have paid your fee (and assuming you maintain an active membership through monthly subscription), you are entitled to permanent access to our course materials and all updates without paying for the course again. If you discontinue your subscription, you may re-start at any time to regain full access. New material is always being produced to keep up with current technology. We encourage all Members to stay active to stay on the cutting edge of this technology.

No. Just like school lessons and courses, these lessons require you to do some work, practice or additional study before the next one. Also, they are provided in a specific order for a reason, placing pre-requisite information first, followed by additional information. Studying out of order is likely to cause confusion especially for those who are unfamiliar with technology. (*NOTE: We are currently studying this issue and may release a pilot program which allows self-paced learning in which the student can test after each lesson and receive the next one upon passing the test, then receive their Certificate upon successful completion. If we implement this new system, we will announce it to all Course Members and the public when and if this change goes into effect.)

Yes. From time to time, on an irregular schedule, the Founder of the Company and/or his invited guest presenters will hold special sessions which can be attended by those who are currently enrolled and registered for our Modular Marketing course.  However, because we cater to students worldwide in nearly every time zone, experience has shown it is very difficult to find times for “live” sessions in which a majority of our Members can attend regardless of advance notification and scheduling. Live sessions will be recorded and available for those who miss the sessions.

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