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We can train you to be an expert in digital marketing website design even if you know nothing about it to start. But, we go beyond the traditional training to include our own proprietary Leveraged Freemium Marketing™ (LFM™).  Learning and and becoming a digital marketing expert takes time. Most of our trainees wanted a faster path to earnings, so we developed LFM™. The video below explains it.

. . . or we’ll do it for you!

If you don’t have the time or inclination to do-it-yourself, hire our competent staff to do it for you!  This way you can spend more time running your business and leave the digital marketing to the experts. Check out our Agency website for details. Our founder, Richard Gaustad (pictured here) has experience dating back to before Google was in business – you’re in good hands with us!


"Freemiums" (services which are free forever without obligation to pay) are at the core of our system. There's no cost or obligation to register as an Affiliate. Ever. Whether you're running a local business, national or Int'l business, changing careers, or just looking for a side-hustle, becoming an Affiliate of Ranking Trainer is one of the quickest ways to generate a recurring monthly income in record time with no upper limit on how much you can earn. Better yet, there's almost no learning curve. Registration is free.


Learn the benefits of the several Ranking Trainer Memberships. Our founder walks you through the website and talks about the courses, lessons and even our Agency services. Learn what it's all about from the creator of the Ranking Trainer system!


Learn the benefits of Ranking Trainer courses. Follow the Course Details button to learn more about the content of our courses. Or, if you're ready to get started, go ahead and follow the Register Now button to get started right away!

Telecom PBX+

RTECH Networks. our newest product available for Affiliates to sell is a PBX (Private Branched Network) which is the type of phone system used by businesses worldwide. It's available for business and personal use, includes all business phone features PLUS, 2-way text messaging, video calls, video conference, fax-to-email, follow-me service on mobile phones and more! Give your small business the look and feel of a big company!

Start as a Grasshopper.

Finish as a Ninja.

Master WordPress, SEO, SMM, Blogging, Video Marketing & More

What People Say!

". . .love your system, what a beast! I went from just a handful of deals a month to finding great leads whenever I want. It works for me every time, and your staff has been great to work with!"
Bruce W.
"As an immigrant from the Philippines, I brought 5 of my children to the USA to live with my new husband. I didn't know how I could help with the finances until I started here. I made $12,624.50 in my first 5 weeks in the business! I couldn't be happier. This is definitely the real deal."
Melanie K.
"This system is incredible! I use it in both my carpet cleaning and my real estate business. I never fail to get carpet cleaning jobs whenever they're needed and I'm on my way to setting a record for new real estate listings!"
Keith H.

Questions? Ask the Community.

Join our Community Forum to ask questions directly to Members, Staff and Management (including our Founder). Just sign up, register and log in. (You must first register FREE as an Affiliate or be a paying Member to be approved for access to the Forum.)  In the Forum, you can read comments, chat with others, post your own questions & comments for and find exclusive content for Forum users ONLY.  Annual and Lifetime Members have more privileges and receive a higher level of technical advice and support than Forum Members.  Regardless your Membership status, participation in the Forum is VALUABLE!  

DM Fundamentals

$59 One Full Year
Renews at $59

Digital Marketing Fundamentals also provides an Intro Course.  This is a  condensed version of the full Certified Digital Marketer Course available to Annual and Lifetime Members.  Courses include a WordPress Tutorial with more than 50 lessons.  When you finish, you can take a test and get a certificate worthy of framing. 

Affiliate Registration

Must be 18 or Older  
No Purchase Required 

If you buy the Fundamentals or the Certified course DO NOT register here because your registration is automatically included when you purchase a course.   This is our first “Freemium.”  Benefit from the power of leveraging your word of mouth marketing using our exclusive LFM system.

Certified DM Course

$379 One Full Year
Annual Renewal $179

During our massive course update in 2021, you get $100 off! This is by far your best value with annual renewal at only $179. Our E-Learning platform compares to those charging $450 to $2,000 or more for similar content!  We think ours is better especially with our proprietary Leveraged Freemium Marketing system!