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Here we have a comprehensive course on making money online. Notice we did not say “Internet Marketing” or “Digital Marketing”.  Ours is more comprehensive than the standard digital marketing course.  We include elements that others don’t, including those topics on which so many people place such a high priority which are completely ignored by the vast majority of trainers.  Things like how to begin making money immediately, business and legal issues is covered in this course.  You won’t find them from most of our competitors.


After this lesson you will know  the following:

  1. How to instantly generate income as an Affiliate of Ranking Trainer by using Leveraged Freemium Marketing.
  2. The following separate topics are included:
  • Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
  • Overviews of the following
    • LMS( Leveraged Freemium Marketing), CMS (Content Management Systems)
    • Marketing automation
    • Bulk Email
    • Voifone Bulk SMS
    • Click-to-Call
    • Voifone UCS
    • Standard Affiliate marketing
    • Blogging

We’ll do a deeper dive into the topic of Hosting, WordPress, Website Design and Plugins than what you found in the Review Lessons.  This course will help you become more proficient at WordPress, including the very important technical issue of page load speed time and best hosting practices.

No single aspect of SEO and promoting your website online is more important than Keyphrase Evaluation. Most people in the digital marketing industry refer to this process as Keyword Research. We changed the term because we thing our description more accurately describes the process.  If you get Keyphrase Evaluation wrong, your website won’t get the traffic  you need to ensure your success. That’s why we placed this course first in line after you learn the basics of WordPress.

Local SEO is a subset of SEO in general.  It’s a separate lesson because it can be conducted as a stand-alone process even without a website, although doing so is NOT recommended nor considered “best practice”.  Nonetheless, there are businesses who dominate their local market search results without owning and managing a website.

Forget everything you think you know about SEO.  We teach a different and fresh approach to this subject; one the works and one which will help you avoid more of the negative impact from the infamous Google Algorithm Updates. SEO or Search Engine Optimization forms the base of getting found on the Internet.  Many people think it’s a mysterious thing.  In fact, it’s not.  The concept is pretty simple.  Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and other search engines have a vested interest in making sure when people search for something, they find exactly what they’re looking for.  So, all the optimization activity is geared largely toward achieving this goal.  At the same time, Google and other engines crawl your site for information to check it and ensure certain protocols are completed correctly.  By doing the right things onsite and offsite you’ll wind up on the first page, near the top of the natural search results.  You MUST be on the Google first page for your keywords or you won’t get enough response to matter.  SEO is a VERY COMPETITIVE activity.  It’s something that must be done continually to stay at the top position where you likely wish to remain.  SEO takes time.  Do NOT expect overnight results.  It typically takes about 6 to 9 months of steady work to rank high enough to make a difference.  So be patient and do not give up too soon!  Traffic is out there; give it a chance to find you! 

There are a handful of skills you need with HTML.  You don’t need to learn to be a coder to complete this course. However, you do need to understand the syntax of HTML and master a handful of the most basic commands.  Even when you see claims of “no coding required” when using page builders and other tools of the trade to create websites, there will always be situations in which you need to use at a minimum, small snippets of code here and there to make adjustments that cannot be done otherwise. You’ll get that basic information here.

If you’re going to get response from your website, you pretty much need one more more landing pages. These are specially designed to elicit a call to action, either by collecting an email address for your newsletter or possibly converting the visitor to a paying customer. This lesson gives you a primer on Landing Pages, AKA Squeeze Pages.

Email is a complex topic. A good understanding of how it works will help you in your email marketing efforts. Some people specialize in ONLY email marketing and swear that’s the only way to go in digital marketing. We think SEO is far more profitable and productive in the long run. Nevertheless, email marketing plays a critical role in everyone’s efforts to earn money online. At the end of this course, you will understand the DNS aspects of email such as SPF, MX and DMARK records, the difference between IMAP and POP3, the various types of email marketing services and so much more.  Reaching the inbox is not as easy as just sending an email. A lot goes into the process with commercial email delivery, which is far different than your personal Gmail or Yahoo account.

E-commerce can be one of the fastest paths to significant cash flow.  It certainly puts you in a much better position to control the timing of when you receive cash income and the mounts you receive.  There are many aspects to e-commerce that are not obvious to those who are inexperienced at it such as picking the right card processor to fit your needs, how to use sales funnels and how to create your own to avoid the high cost of pre-built funnel marketing systems.

When doing business online, it’s important to create your own original content.  Sometimes you may pay others to do it for you.  More often than not, especially when you’re first starting, you will need to create content yourself.  This course coversa all the basics of content creation, from article writing, to copywriting and web page content writing, to design, to original images, to basics of image creation and manipulation, to image optimization.  A lot goes into creating good, high quality content.  And you’re going to know what the experts know about content creation by the end of this course.  But only practices and experience will make you a true expert.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with respect to backups and website security is procrastination. This is not just an after thought.  Backups and website security MUST be set up at the very beginning.  Way too many people have ignored this critical topic to their great detriment.  It’s one of those things that, when you need it and don’t have it . . . IT’S TOO LATE!  Don’t be one of the countless unfortunate people who didn’t have comprehensive backups of their website, or who got hacked and no longer has a functioning website.  You can literally lose years of work and in the worst scenarios, go out of business altogether by ignoring these topics.  Be sure to always be vigilant with your website backups and security.  You’ll know how by the end of this course.  

Your instructor has used CRMs since they were originally introduced in the 1980s.  These are now very sophisticated compared to the archaic tools originally available.  A good CRM is invaluable for any business or organization. Even individuals will find a CRM incredibly useful.  We think CRMs are vital to any online enterprise regardless of your industry or the type of business you choose to pursue.  Everyone needs to be more efficient about their contacts with the outside world and keeping a solid and detailed record of all the interactions with people and transactional details of their enterprise.

One of the most powerful aspects of doing business online is the ability to automate so many functions.  We now take for granted so many functions of doing business that used to be manual and time consuming but now are done in the blink of an eye.  This course focuses on automating various marketing processes.  By taking the time and making the effort to create a good and efficient automation system, you not only save yourself time but you enable the scaling of your income.  There isn’t another single topic that has served to rapidly increase the income of people than automating enough functions so your expenses are reduced, your profits are increased and you can accomplish far more in far less time and with less resources.  You’re going to really like this course!

As an effective medium, text messaging or SMS (short message service) is very, very powerful.  But once again, this media hast to be used properly or it’ll backfire.  In today’s world, laws have been enacted in countries worldwide and International practices have been put in place to stop unwanted text messaging.  You cannot simply blast out massive amounts of SMS and expect a response.  This would not only fail financially, but is likely to land you in hot water legally.  We’ll show you the best practices and how to maximize your response rates . . . and how to avoid trouble!

Social media is a blessing and a curse.  So many people have become addicted to it that social media addiction has now become a very real problem in the mental health community.  By the same token, it’s a powerful force in the online world.  Google measures your social footprint as another of the many factors in their algorithm to rank web pages.  So, you cannot really omit the social platforms from your overrall online efforts.  You’ll find social media to be an invaluable tool in building your E -A-T (Google’s ranking factor in judging your Expertise, Authority and Trust in your niche or business).

This course is so critical that I spun it off into its own separate course. it’s included here to ensure that you know just how critical I believe YouTub is to your online success. I’m sure you’ve seen it in the Course Dashboard. That course is the same as this lesson with it’s numerous topics.  YouTube has been a massive force in the online business world for years. But especially, starting in about 2018, it has taken off.  Despite its growth and the proliferation of videos for every imaginable topic, the time has never been better to create a video channel.  One of the primary uses for YouTube is to short-cut the time it takes to gain significant traffic to your website AND to build the Trust factor of E-A-T, which will have the effect of converting traffic to cash income for you.  Whatever you do, don’t miss this course!

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