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This course is for beginners and those who want to start making money immediately.  In the first lesson, you’ll learn about Leveraged Freemium Marketing which enables you to make money on your first day even before you learn anything about digital marketing.  If you’re new to making money online this course will help you get off on the right foot.


There are countless ways of making money online.  Most of them fit into just a handful of major categories.  To decide exactly what you wish to “DO” to make money online, it’s essential to understand these categories and fit yourself into one with which you have interest and hopefully, at least some expertise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simple and complex at the same time.  If you understand its core elements, understanding it becomes MUCH easier.  This lesson shows you those core elements which is why you MUST take this lesson before taking our SEO courses. I would have saved myself YEARS of time if I had this lesson before I started learning how to make money online.

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Although SEO has many moving parts and can be daunting at first, there’s a very core element you need to master before getting too much into your training.  It’s described by two simple words.  Learn what they are and how to apply them in this lesson.

Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

A full 81% of all brands represented online are attached to an Affiliate program.  Ergo, Affiliate programs are one of the PRIMARY methods of monetizing websites and making money for YOU.  This is your primer on Affiliate programs.

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E-Commerce has been my specialty for a very good reason.  When somebody buys, you get paid instantly. Other monetization methods take weeks to months before you see any money. 

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This lesson is also posted on YouTube for the public but it’s important so it’s included here to make sure you watch it. Just ignore the comments at the beginning that ask you to subscribe as that’s for YouTube viewers. This is a guide for beginners designed to get you up and running with your domain registered and your website hosted and online within a few hours. It’s designed specifically for those who have not been through this process before and provides recommendations on the best vendors to provide the various services you’ll need to get up and running quickly.


We start with what may just be the most powerful course. If you want or need to make money immediately, this is the the course for you. We created our own, proprietary system called LFM (Leveraged Freemium Marketing) which enables our Affiliates to use the Internet to earn money from the first day. This video is also on our YouTube channel and has been widely distributed to help people learn about us.  It solves a very big problem for a very large number of people worldwide. Even without the rest of the courses, some have told us this one lesson is worth more than all the other lessons put together.

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