Boost Income With LMA

What’s LMA?  It’s a special marketing automation campaign the Company continually runs to promote our services.  All Affiliates are pre-authorized to to participate as much or as little as they want.  Your participation creates a long-term passive and residual Income, even if you know nothing about digital and online marketing when you first start. You can participate without spending any money at all. And it’s possible to earn money immediately! What does LMA Mean?  It’s an acronym which stands for “Leveraged Marketing Automation.”  Why do we say “Leveraged”?  Because the LMA campaign ensures that your efforts are multiplied by allowing you to participate in the Company’s revenue based on a formula that allows you to benefit from the efforts of other Affiliates as well.  The Company constantly runs the LMA campaign as an effective method of finding new Members.  Thus, if you participate, LMA will leverage  (increase) your efforts continually, in the background and automatically BOOST the results of your own effort. This makes it possible for you to more easily and quickly develop long-term passive income which increases based on your efforts to share our valuable free platforms. How to Participate?  It’s simple. Just share one of two FREE PLATFORMS with people you already know.
    • Platform #1:  The first platform is our FREE Voifone Communicator app for Android and iOS.  It’s an Instant Messaging app similar to WhatsApp, Skype and others. There’s a link in the app called “Invite a Friend”. Use it to send email or text message to people you already know and invite them to also enjoy all the free benefits of Ranking Trainer and our Affiliate program to achieve their own financial independence! When they install the app, our proprietary algorithm triggers your participation in LMA. Your use of the Invite a Friend link constitutes word-of-mouth advertising which we reward by paying a percent of revenue to you, as calculated by the LMA system.
    • Platform #2:  The 2nd platform is our proprietary Affiliate platform.  By using your Affiliate link to invite people you already know to register, the LMA system is once again triggered on your behalf. Earnings are fully automated.  All you have to do is receive the money when you are notified funds are available.  Better yet. . . watch your own analytics and see your income grow automatically!
With both platforms, the more FREE referrals who use Voifone and become an Affiliate, the more the company earns over time from its automated marketing, and the higher your passive income can grow.  Your Affiliate Platform provides data and analytics that allow you to watch your progress, see your income as it’s earned, and withdraw your money when you want.   As the company grows, your income grows right along with us! How Does It Work?  It works through the Company’s application of its own Internet Marketing Automation and Sales Funnels. If you aren’t already familiar with Marketing Automation and Sales Funnels, you will be!  These are important aspects of your Affiliate training. We teach Affiliates the basics of how Marketing Automation and Sales Funnels work to increase your efficiency.  Affiliates who also become Ranking Trainer Members learn how to create and use their their own Marketing Automation / Sales Funnels to promote any type of business they want!  We practice what we preach because IT WORKS!  The company continually runs LMA campaigns through our own sales funnel. Affiliates fill a vital role in making LMA effective and profitable by referring people to use our valuable platforms free of charge. A small percent of free users discover they need and will purchase what we sell. Therefore, YOU don’t need to close sales. They happen automatically. The Company’s sales revenue is tracked by the LMA system and compensates YOU based on the results from your efforts to give away our free and valuable platforms!  It’s the best Affiliate income booster ever invented . . . it’s FREE . . . it’s EASY . . . and you don’t need to constantly SELL to your friends, family and relatives![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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